Accelerating Drug Release with Superdisintegrants Market

Accelerating Drug Release with Superdisintegrants Market

When it comes to pharmaceutical sciences, the disintegration of oral solid dosage forms is crucial to promote drug release. This can be achieved with superdisintegrants which improve drug dissolution and subsequent bioavailability. This blog explores the world of superdisintegrants and their future prospects.

Importance of Superdisintegrants

Superdisintegrants are substances used to enhance the effectiveness of solid dosage forms, even at low levels, typically 1-10 % by weight relative to the total weight of the dosage unit. This is done by reducing the disintegration time, which improves the rate at which drugs dissolve. Superdisintegrants agents are utilized to form mouth-dissolving tablets, dispersible tablets, or fast-dissolving tablets.

Market Value and Driving Factors

The global superdisintegrants market was valued at USD 410.05 million in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 829.54 million at a CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period. Rising advancements in the disintegrants market are propelling market growth. Growing demand for orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) is accelerating the superdisintegrants market growth. ODTs are a common dosage form that quickly dissolves in the mouth, making them more practical and simple to ingest. Superdisintegrants play a crucial role in the formulation of ODTs, and thus surging demand for ODTs is fostering industry expansion.

Selection of Superdisintrigation

In addition to its swelling qualities, superdisintegrant must meet certain requirements because it is utilized as an excipient in the formulation of tablets. The ideal disintegrant should have

  1. A lack of solubility.
  2. Ineffective gel formation.
  3. Strong capacity for hydration
  4. Good flow and shaping characteristics.
  5. Lack of propensity to combine medicines in complexes.
  6. Excellent mouth feel.
  7. It should also have favorable tableting qualities and be compatible with the other excipients.

Mechanism of Disintegrations by Superdisintegrants

The following are the top mechanisms that cause tablets to dissolve

  1. Swelling
  2. Porosity and Capillary Action (Wicking)
  3. Deformation
  4. Due to disintegrating particle/particle repulsive forces
  5. Heat of wetting
  6. Due to release of gases
  7. Enzymatic reaction
  8. Combination action

Applications of Superdisintegrants

  • Oral disintegration tablets
  • Fast-dispersible tablets
  • Capsules
  • Mouth-dissolving films

What Are the Types of Superdisintegrants?

The Superdisintegrants can be categorized into two categories:

  1. Natural Superdisintegrants
  2. Synthetic Superdisintegrants

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Natural Superdisintegrants: These agents are natural in origin and are selected over synthetic substances as they are comparatively less expensive, non-irritating, widely accessible, and naturally non-toxic. Natural materials like gums and mucilages have been widely used in the medication delivery industry due to their wide availability, low cost, and environmental friendliness.

Synthetic Superdisintegrants: Synthetic superdisintegrants are chemically synthesized and particularly designed to improve drug dissolution and subsequent bioavailability. They are more effective in lower concentrations than starch and less effective in compressibility and flow ability.


Superdisintegrants are critical agents in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, allowing for quick medication release and improved bioavailability. Drug delivery and therapeutic efficacy can be achieved with superdisintegrants as they boost the rapid disintegration of oral solid dosage forms. With rising advancements in pharmaceutical research, one can expect even more advanced superdisintegrants that will revolutionize the process of drug formulation. By geography, North America captured the major superdisintegrants market share in 2022 and is likely to continue to dominate the market during the forecast period.

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