Business & Market Research Experts & Analyst

Benchmarking Studies

As part of our services, we at Polaris offer insightful details about companies through our effective benchmarking studies. We offer comprehensive information about a company’s market positioning, by measuring and comparing the company’s facts, parameters and metrics with the set industry standards which are chiefly the benchmark. These studies also outline the best practices to be used across different verticals and product offerings respectively, all benchmarked to the industry standards.

Market Forecasting

Our highly experienced team of researchers, competently works towards forecasting the global market size and market share of diversified markets across different regions, deployment types, user types among various others through intense Market Engineering (ME). Through our set proprietary tools and frameworks we also help organizations estimate demand for end-user products and services in the market.

Custom Research Services/Customization Services

We at Polaris, categorically offer custom-made/ tailored services for our syndicated research reports so as to provide you insights to meet the strategic requirements of the organization. As part of the services, we also provide custom reports to help you tap and identify new markets and technologies across both established and niche markets.

Industry Monitoring and Benchmarking

We additionally offer our clients dedicated research services to identify, study and monitor market potentials for a particular industry/ industries. We render industry analysis and benchmarked industrial capabilities to our clients. We also track market trends across a particular industry for our clients.

On Demand Market Research Reports

At Polaris, we have dedicated teams of domain experts and analysts, focusing on precise research functions to ensure that all are client requirements are met. As part of our research assistance, we provide our clients with “on demand specific reports” required by them at events, seminars, conferences, annual meetings and any other key decision occasions.

Full Time Research Assistance

The varying dynamics in the competitive markets has companies to demand for day-to-day research assistance for their ongoing strategic initiatives. At Polaris, we offer our clients with a one-stop solution to dedicatedly meet all their information requirements through our specialized offering – Full Time Research Assistance. Here we provide 24×7 research support throughout the year, periodic analyst briefings and discussions, and selective access to our repository comprising database of industry research reports, and company profiles among various others.

Category Subscription

We at Polaris completely understand the imperativeness for companies to continually focus on key markets areas. In order to keep pace with the business environments, we offer our clients’ category-wise subscription depending on their industry focus. For instance – For a company focusing on ICT specific services can subscribe to reports on ICT industry only.

Syndicated Business & Market Research

We at Polaris, determinedly focus on analyzing market sectors and industrial trends to empower your businesses make informed strategy decisions. Our dedicated syndicate business and market research practice adopts an adept research methodology to competently access market criticalities and business environments across industries. As part of our offering in syndicate research, we offer in-depth market research reports compiled by our market experts helping you gain actionable insights and build lucrative strategies for your businesses.

Market and Competitive Intelligence

For every organization to thrive, it is essentially a good practice to be conscious of how one’s business market is advancing.


Leverage Our Services

Attainment of client satisfaction being our motto, we at Polaris are happy to offer you multitude of reasons for why you should select us for your businesses.

  • Uninterrupted Service Commitment

    Our commitment to our clients lies not only from the inception of our pre-on boarding discussions but also beyond the completion and delivery of our services.

  • Custom Research

    We categorically offer custom-made/ tailored services for our syndicated research reports to provide you insights to meet the strategic requirements of your organization.

  • Quality Assured

    On lines of the industry best-practices, we offer our clients the finest in research and consulting services with the most reliable and accurate research findings.