Increasing use of benzenoid across the globe to drive demand

Increasing use of benzenoid across the globe to drive demand

Benzenoid aromatic compounds are chemical compounds with at least one benzene ring. For instance, naphthalene and aniline. As a matter of course, they are found in flowers and leaves, wood, bark, and oil. They are extensively used in personal care and cosmetics, household products, soap and detergent, and food and beverage because of their aroma and scent. There has been a growing demand for benzenoids due to the ever-increasing intake of flavored dairy products, growing populace, and a growing number of salaried individuals, along with increasing per capita income that is disposable. The growth will also be fueled by the increased usage of benzenoids in personal and cosmetic products. Additionally, the increasing demand for fragrant detergent and soap, along with the growing sector of public laundry, is pushing the market for benzenoids.


Key trends of the benzenoid market

As one may expect in prunes, cranberries, apples, plums, and other fruits, sodium benzoate is a salt of benzoic acid. Sodium benzoate is utilized in an extensive range of cosmetics and personal care products where its role is that of a fragrance component, corrosion resistor, and preservative.


There was a stable demand from end-use sectors like detergents, soaps, household products, personal care products, and hygiene products in the pandemic. This demand was because of growing worries of hygiene amongst the population. The majority of the producers had continuity in their operations to reclaim their sales and productions to evaluate the stability in the market because of economic scenarios that are unprecedented globally.


Europe came out as a leading benzenoid market because of various end-use applications like personal care and cosmetics, detergent, and soap. Countries like Spain, Russia, Germany, France, and the UK came out as the prominent supporters of the market growth. They are anticipating pursuing their dominance in the context of broad utilization of benzenoids in personal care products and cosmetics.


Strategic positions of leading market participants

Many natural and synthetic compounds are responsible for the aroma in soaps and detergent products. The commonly utilized natural compound include lemon oil, oregano oil, camellia oil, coconut oil, and coffee essential oil.  The pandemic was the catalyst for using soaps and detergents, highlighting hygiene factors. The usage of these products gave a push to the sales industry also.


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