Increasing Legalization of Medical Cannabis Set to Drive Growth of Cannabis Testing Services Market

Increasing Legalization of Medical Cannabis Set to Drive Growth of Cannabis Testing Services Market

Cannabis testing is a process of determining the efficacy of cannabis by using a few drug testing techniques. Cannabis is beneficial for medicinal treatment in several countries, and as a result, the prohibition on cannabis is being lifted. Cannabis testing refers to the process of examining a single sample of cannabis for factors like CBD, THC, and terpene levels, as well as for foreign substances and pollutions such as texture, sickness, residual solvents, irritations, or pesticide accumulation.


Key Driving Factors for Cannabis Testing Services Market

The growing use of cannabis for medical uses has led to its legalization in several countries around the world. For instance, more than 30 countries around the world have now approved the use of cannabis for medical purposes. The growing demand for cannabis testing services as a result of an increase in toxicity cases is the primary driver of business development.


During the cultivation process, the cannabis plant is subjected to a variety of chemicals, including heavy metals from the dirt, molds, fungus, and pesticides. These toxins are unfit for human use and may cause serious casualties and respiratory diseases in customers. The demand for cannabis testing services is projected to be driven by increased safety tests for cannabinoids to ensure correct labeling of drugs in recreational and medicinal markets, as well as increased exports to countries with heavily regulated markets.


For analyzing plant samples, several regulatory authorities have begun setting overall quantity limits on residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, insecticides, bacteria, and mycotoxins. It also resulted in the opening of a slew of new labs, especially in areas where cultivation is booming.


Potency Testing Services Emerging as Dominating Segment with Contribution of Largest Revenue Share

The cannabis testing services market is being driven by an increase in the use of successful potency testing techniques such as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Gas Chromatography (GC) for testing samples. Additionally, an increase in demand for examining the potency of different cannabinoids, especially Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD (Cannabidiol) in cultivated cannabis.


Key Trends Observed in the Cannabis Testing Services Market

Cannabis was notorious for its intoxicating and addictive properties. As a result, drug sales and production have been outlawed in many parts of the country. However, numerous studies on the overall structure of cannabis have shown that it has a variety of medicinal properties and can be used to cure chronic and fatal diseases such as cancer. Increasing funding in cannabis research and production has opened up new possibilities for cannabis use. As a result, the demand for cannabis research equipment has grown in the last few years.


Geographically, North America dominating the cannabis testing services market, accounting for the majority of revenue share, which is expected to continue to expand at a rapid pace throughout the projected period. The presence of a significant number of leading market players as well as a rise in the number of testing laboratories in the region as a result of the government's strict guidelines for marijuana cultivators is the main factor driving market growth in this region.


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