Clams, Cockles, Ark Shells Market: Aquatic Mollusks that are a Rich Source of Minerals and Vitamins

Clams, Cockles, Ark Shells Market: Aquatic Mollusks that are a Rich Source of Minerals and Vitamins

Clams are red bivalve mollusks belonging to the family Veneridae. Clams frequently reside in coastal waters with high salinity and abundant sandy and gravel soil. Clams are extensively dispensed in tropical and sub-tropical seas. Cockles are bivalve mollusks residing in coastal intertidal zones and lagoons at a depth of one or two meters over the water surface. Their vital food is organic detritus, phytoplankton, and unicellular algae. In the clams, cockles, ark shells market, ark shells are usually white or cream, but in some species, the shell is either striped, tinted with, and entirely colored, a rich brown. Breathing ark shells of predominant species has a top shell layer that is abundant brown periostracum secured to the harder calcareous part of the shell.

What do Cockles, Clams, and Ark Shells Taste Like?

The taste of cockles will be sweeter and tastier. Many people frequently adore cockles due to their uniqueness and the sweetness of meat. Both clams and cockles are mouth-watering when it is cooked by steaming and boiling procedure. But one can consume clams raw to discern the wholesome flavor of the sea, while cockles cannot be consumed raw. One requires to wash and cook the cockle exhaustively to have a better taste and be shielded for health. Several ark shells can be cooked utilizing fundamental procedures for fish, and this can be executed following similar guidelines. Surely, the dainty nature of seafood requires added care and attention in the course of the cooking procedure, as it is easy to overcook and spoil the flavors and textures. Thus, while cooking ark shells, it is endorsed to regulate the temperature and time of cooking to improve the nutritional value.

The Market Insight

The global clams, cockles, ark shells industry size and share was valued at USD 115.05 million in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 187.67 million with a CAGR of 5.0% during the forecast period 2032.  

Growth Drivers

In the clams, cockles, ark shells market, the increasing product demand and intake globally as they are copious sources of proteins, minerals, and vitamins and simplified obtainability and availability of commodities covering both high and low-income nations together with the speedy growth in the aggregate of online channels providing commodities at an extremely aggressive price with greater comfort are the predominant elements pushing the market growth at a rapid pace.

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Recent Developments

In March 2022, Thai Unicorn Group announced that they had formed a strategic partnership with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to improve transparency in the company supply chain while considering or examining the wider impacts on biodiversity. The partnership has been formed to create a responsible seafood business to ensure healthy aquatic and marine environments and a secure seafood supply chain.

To Conclude

Clams can reside in both freshwater and saltwater waterbodies, and one can also detect them in brackish waters. Meanwhile, one can only detect cockles in saltwater waterbodies. Cockles reside in deeper water and sand than clams. To catch the cockle, one needs to dig extensively into the sand under the sea. Arks reside in the sandy and muddy bottom of the bay and inshore and offshore in the ocean. In the clams, cockles, ark shells market, their composition is the same as the tough clam, and they commence life as larvae, finally setting on the bottom and evolving to maturity.

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