Rising Adoption of Sensor-based Devices to Drive Digital Patient Monitoring Devices Market

Rising Adoption of Sensor-based Devices to Drive Digital Patient Monitoring Devices Market

Digital patient monitoring is a subcategory of home care telehealth that allows patients to use mobile medical devices and software to gather and transmit patient-generated health data to health care specialists (PGHD). It is frequently used to help patients in acute, post-discharge, and senior care settings. Digital patient monitoring is a technology that allows patients to be monitored outside of typical clinical settings, such as at home or at a distant location, which can increase access to treatment and save healthcare provider expenses.


With the advent of growing digital technologies, the healthcare industry has been able to develop innovative patient care methods. Healthcare facilities all across the world are embracing this innovative technology, which allows remote patient monitoring, to improve patient tracking and treatment throughout the episode. Patient monitoring equipment should be tailored to the demands of certain patient populations. Connected health and digital patient monitoring equipment, such as remote patient monitoring, are more crucial tools in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic because they allow clinicians to monitor patients without making physical contact with them, avoiding the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Growth Drivers for Digital Patient Monitoring Devices Market

One of the primary factors driving the need for real-time monitoring devices is the rising prevalence of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. According to NCCDPHP data, the global prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and asthma is increasing at an alarming rate. Furthermore, the fast-spreading public health epidemic COVID-19 has seen an increase in the use of telemedicine and non-invasive patient surveillance methods to promote patient management while decreasing patient and health care provider engagement and potential virus exposure.


People at risk can be remotely monitored using digital patient monitoring devices, averting hospitalization and lowering healthcare expenses. This is projected to boost the growth of the digital patient monitoring device market in the approaching years.


Regional Dynamics for Digital Patient Monitoring Devices Market

North America dominated the global market owing to supportive government initiatives and improved healthcare infrastructure. Furthermore, good reimbursement regulations may help to expand the regional market. In the United States, a favorable reimbursement scenario is likely to boost demand for healthcare products, boosting the digital patient monitoring devices market. With a growing senior population and enhanced healthcare facilities, Asia Pacific is expected to develop at the quickest rate. China and India are two of the region's rising marketplaces.


Competitive Scenario for Digital Patient Monitoring Devices Market

Wireless monitoring devices are becoming increasingly popular around the world because of their advantages and simplicity. With the increasing prevalence of neuro, cardiovascular, and respiratory disorders, manufacturers have developed remote neurological, cardiovascular, and respiratory monitoring systems. Furthermore, the introduction of numerous wearable devices by businesses such as Apple, Xiaomi, and Fitbit is expected to provide market growth prospects in the near future.


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