Increasing Demand in Cancer Research Programs to Drive Growth

Increasing Demand in Cancer Research Programs to Drive Growth

Biospecimens such as DNA and RNA are essential for biomarker discovery, paving the way for personalized medicine to develop. Furthermore, the advent of advanced, standardized cell isolation methodologies decreases hands-on time in a translational and clinical study.

The advancement of automated solutions and the conversion of biobanks to fully automated biobanks have the potential to speed up market growth. Biobanking approaches, particularly in oncology, have been recognized as key areas for accelerating the discovery and creation of new therapeutic strategies. This multidisciplinary approach is used to predict and prevent disease in all aspects.

As the prevalence of cancer rises, so does the demand for cancer research, which drives up the demand for DNA and RNA banking services. Images obtained from magnetic resonance, positron emission tomography, and advanced computed tomography are useful in validating and detecting non-invasive biomarkers, and imaging biobanks are one of the most recent evolutions. Scientific advancement in population stratification and biomarker discovery is supported by DNA & RNA banking services. These programs are critical for the development of new drugs and clinical trials.

Major Dynamics of DNA & RNA Banking Services Market

Funding and investment initiatives to extend DNA and RNA banking approaches are projected to fuel DNA & RNA banking services market growth. The way NA is prepared has changed as a result of technological developments in solid-phase extraction methods using nonhazardous chemicals and automated systems.

The demand for drug discovery and clinical research has been boosted by the paradigm shift toward personalized medicine. Proteomics, metabolomics, and epigenomics are three areas of personalized medicine that include the use of DNA and RNA samples for research into new disease therapies.

Translational researchers at academic institutions and laboratories understand the importance of DNA and RNA biobanks. The exponential growth of the DNA & RNA banking services market can be attributed to the changing trend of personalized treatment, customized treatments, and biomarker benefits.

The Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine (CCPM) is a personalized medicine organization. This facility also serves as a biobank, collecting, processing, storing, and testing biological samples. Medical genetic tests aid in the diagnosis of drugs, the identification of disease carriers, and the risk of a certain disease.

Regional Scenario for DNA & RNA Banking Services Market

North America had the highest market share for the last several years. The launch of national precision-medicine programs, such as the “All of Us” biobank in the United States, is one of the major factors driving market development. The Asia Pacific is expected to rise at a healthy pace. Several conferences and events on DNA and RNA banking approaches held in this region are among the few factors contributing to the DNA & RNA banking services market growth.

Competitive Landscape of DNA & RNA Banking Services Market

Pharmaceutical companies face new challenges related to environmental policies, regulatory adherence, and conflicting priorities cost pressures as the distribution network continues to become more complex. The efforts of leading players to invest in cold chain storage and expand distribution capability in different geographies have improved the capacity to manage large quantities of complex cold chain biologics.

Some of the most dominant players present in the DNA & RNA banking services market are DNA Genotek Inc., GoodCell, PreventionGenetics, ProteoGenex, US Biolab Corporation, Inc., Brooks Life Sciences, EasyDNA, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., 23andMe, Inc., Infinity Biologix, and LGC Biosearch Technologies.

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