Rapid Technological Advancements in Drug Testing Devices

Rapid Technological Advancements in Drug Testing Devices

The identification of one or more unlawful and/or prescribed substances in the urine, saliva, blood, hair, or perspiration is known as the drug of abuse testing. To keep up with the continual surge in novel chemicals being abused, alternate matrices, and market demands, commercial drug abuse testing techniques have undergone significant modification in recent years. A drug abuse test is a non-invasive technological analysis of biological samples to detect the presence of illegal or prescription drugs, as well as their metabolites. Sports organizations, employers, forensic objectives, and a variety of other applications are increasingly using drug testing.


Major Drivers for Drug of Abuse Testing Services Market

One of the key drivers for the drug of abuse testing services market is the rise in the number of people who consume alcohol and illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and others. Furthermore, technological improvements in drug screening/testing equipment, as well as severe government regulations requiring drug screening, are propelling the market forward.


The market's expansion has been aided by the growing number of clinical laboratories that provide drug abuse testing services. Furthermore, a large increase in the number of physician laboratories, hospital-based laboratories, retail clinics, and independent laboratories for collecting samples and executing drug screening tests is projected to fuel the drug of abuse testing services market.


Drug testing strategies need to be formed uniquely because they may lead to the adoption of drug testing kits and equipment, boosting the market growth. Other factors projected to favorably impact market growth include expanding demand for drug addiction treatment, rising drug-related mortality, and increased government initiatives.


Due to technical developments, better sensitivity reduced testing time, and easier detection of freshly designed designer pharmaceuticals, this market is currently developing at a rapid pace. In addition, breakthroughs in drug abuse testing, an increase in the number of deaths due to drug overdose, and an increase in the need for drug tests have all contributed to the growth of the drug of abuse testing services market.


COVID-19 Impact on Drug of Abuse Testing Services Market

The COVID-19 pandemic is predicted to have a substantial impact on the drug of abuse testing services market. During pandemics, there is a greater need for health care and public health organizations to be involved in drug abuse testing to reduce unfavorable health outcomes among the majority of the global population. Altogether the market for drug abuse testing services is expected to have a positive impact on COVID-19.


Recent Development in Drug of Abuse Testing Services Market

Cannabix Technologies, Inc. has produced a new version of their THC Breath Analyzer and has been involved in further testing the gadget. This most recent development is expected to provide a huge boost for the drug of abuse testing services market. Some of the dominant players holding a strong position in the drug of abuse testing services market are Express Diagnostics International Inc., Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Shimadzu Corporation, Quest Diagnostics, and Abbott Laboratories.


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