Growing Penetration of Electronic Devices to Drive Demand

Growing Penetration of Electronic Devices to Drive Demand

Electronic thermal management materials are widely used in the construction of various electronic devices and gadgets for holding temperatures within acceptable limits. New electronic thermal management materials have emerged as a result of advances in nanoelectronics and the advent of novel applications such as modular electronics and chip stack architectures. The unwanted harmful heat produced by ever-shrinking electronic components systems in the electronics industry, including medical, is driving demand for materials and adhesives.


The extensive use of electronic thermal management materials in the development of electronic systems is projected to drive significant growth for the market. As electronic devices become more compact and lightweight, miniature electronic components that are closely packed together need an effective heat dissipation system. For heat dissipation, electronic thermal control materials are widely used in electrical assemblies. These materials assist in the proper conduction of heat inside the electronic assembly.


Key Developments in Electronic Thermal Management Materials Market

The rising demand for consumer electronic products, especially in emerging economies is expected to boost the global electronic thermal management materials market. In recent years, the demand for electronic thermal management materials has increased owing to potentially harmful heat produced by compact electronic components equipped with more calculating capacity. Electronic devices such as transmitters, receivers, phone switches, and optical fiber cables are housed in telecommunication cabinets. To prevent unnecessary heat generation, the use of thermal management products becomes crucial across industries.


The increase in sales of consumer electronics products has resulted in high demand for successful electronic thermal management materials used in the design and production of a variety of electronics devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and other devices. Electronic thermal management materials such as thermal bonding tapes, heat spreaders, gap fillers, and thermal greases are expected to witness widespread adoption in the growing electronic and semiconductor industries. Furthermore, the arrival of 5G and its increasing rollout in the near future should fuel ETMM demand.


Regional Outlook of Electronic Thermal Management Materials Market

As a result of the growing demand for consumer electronics and automobiles, the Asia Pacific region is projected to have the largest market share in the electronic thermal management materials market. The demand for electronic thermal management materials in the region has significantly increased on account of growing applications in aerospace and healthcare. The market is anticipated to expand due to increasing vehicle modernization and rising initiatives to encourage the use of electric vehicles in developing countries in the region.


Competitive Scenario of Electronic Thermal Management Materials Market 

Leading market players are rapidly implementing a variety of organic and inorganic growth strategies to expand their businesses and gain a competitive advantage. To launch more innovative products and strengthen their market position, the majority of players are concentrating on product innovation and investing in R&D activities. Thermal management requirements are also growing in emerging markets such as LEDs and batteries, where increased density, complexity, and strength are prompting manufacturers to seek out new materials and designs with improved thermal dissipation, conductivity, and insulation.


Some of the prominent players operating in the electronic thermal management materials market include Darcoid Company, Laird PLC, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH, Boyd Corporation, European Thermodynamics Ltd., the 3M Company, Honeywell International Inc, Henkel AG & Company, DuPont, Parker Chomerics, Marian Inc., Lord Corporation, and AI Technology, Inc.


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