Growing Concerns over Food Waste Globally to Boost Market

Growing Concerns over Food Waste Globally to Boost Market

Food waste produces methane, which is used to power various treatment facilities. The process depicts a significant proportion of food waste litter is recycled for later use in organic fertilizers production, driving the global industry. In addition, the development of newer waste disposal techniques, coupled with the need to produce alternative energy sources, presents lucrative opportunities for the market to grow.


Several governments and organizations collaborated to create laws and regulations for managing and monitoring food waste widely known as the food waste management programs. Increased trading of food and ingredients across countries has resulted in the creation of new supply chains, which has increased food waste. Governments of several countries implemented waste management initiatives and turning out as a big plus for the industry.


Major Dynamics of Food Waste Management Market

The current trend in the food waste management market is to adopt modern technologies for waste treatment, such as gasification, which could open up new possibilities. The gasification technology improves the conversion of organic materials into combustible gas, but it necessitates a robust food waste management system. Furthermore, anaerobic digestion is a relatively new technological development that is used to recover energy and minerals.


The rapidly developing foodservice industry is one of the key factors behind the growth of the food waste management market. In fast service restaurants and other hotel chains, wastage is relatively common. Furthermore, food waste has increased in the supply chain during the previous decade, resulting in increased system installments that include aerobic and anaerobic digestion processes for recycling. Food waste is observed higher in emerging and underdeveloped countries.


North America to Dominate Food Waste Management Market

North America will dominate the food waste management market, owing to increased consumer awareness and government regulation, particularly in the United States and Canada. These countries are technological trailblazers and home to a big number of feed manufacturing enterprises. The region will invest extensively in disposal processing technologies in the coming years, propelling the food waste management industry even more.


European Commission aiming to cut feed dump by 50%, which will have a substantial impact on the food waste management business. To deal with feed disposal, businesses are developing new recycling systems. The food waste management market in the Asia Pacific would see substantial expansion on account of a growing volume of feed dump in countries such as India and Malaysia. Increasing government concerns are resulting in a rapid expansion of the food waste management market.


Strategic Moves by Key Market Participants

To stay competitive in the industry, leading firms are investing in the development of a strong distribution network. Market participants are employing business tactics such as sales contracts, strategic alliances, obtaining technical knowledge, product approvals, joint ventures, collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, technological developments to gain the largest market share in the global market for food waste management. Manufacturers are focused on research and development operations to build effective waste management systems to satisfy the required criteria.


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