Fruit Puree Market: An Alternative with Many Nutritional Benefits

Fruit Puree Market: An Alternative with Many Nutritional Benefits

Fruit puree consists of a concoction incorporating finely ground fruit to which sugar may be added ranging from 0% to 10% maximum. Conventionally added to fruit purees, sugar suffices essentially as a preservative. In reality, in the fruit puree market, without sugar, it gravitates towards being oxidized speedily. Undeniable, more delicate fruits such as bananas, peaches, and pears require the addition of ascorbic acid and citric acid to preserve them. Sugar also has the result of assisting fruit hold the color and flavor and making the puree smoother.

Different Methods of Preserving Fruit Puree

  • Fruit puree stored at room temperature: It is extremely appropriate and can be stored anywhere. However, the quality is negligible as compared to other procedures of preserving as pasteurization requires to be propelled to the maximum high pressure to sterilize the commodity.
  • Refrigerated fruit puree (+4 to +6 degrees Celsius): It has the benefit of being instantly obtainable. It is extremely appropriate but needs to be stored in the fridge. It endures less in the course of pasteurization than room-temperature puree.
  • Frozen fruit puree (-18 degrees Celsius): Provides the supreme puree quality possible. The only drawback is a lot of time is spent in defrosting.

The Market Insight

The global fruit puree market share was valued at USD 4.74 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at USD 8.69 billion with a CAGR of 6.3% during the forecast period 2032. 

Processing of Fruit Puree

The fruit utilized to put together the fruit purees is carefully chosen based on origin and variety. They are harvested at total ripeness in the season that is only once a year, where only the superlative fruit is chosen. In the fruit puree market, succeeding innumerable acceptance examination at receiving, the fruits are stored prior to being processed.

Some fruits need particular methods of preparation, such as peeling, stoning, cleaning, and so on. Then, they are granulated with sugar, strained, and ultimately flash pasteurized. Flash pasteurization involves heating the product for a short span at a very high temperature to terminate the germs, sanctioning maximum hygiene, and then cooled instantly.

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Growth Drivers

Demand for low-sugar and sugar-free commodities has been escalating in the market over the past few years. Several consumers are becoming more health aware and are seeking options for sugar in their food and beverage products. Therefore, food and beverage makers are paying attention to organic and artificial sweeteners derived from fruits as a wholesome option to sugar. These sweeteners offer a similar level of sweetness as sugar, devoid of added calories and possible health probabilities. Fruit-based sweeteners are also frequently marketed as organic and healthy, which creates a lasting impression on health-conscious consumers.

To Conclude

In the future, enhancing food processing technologies will nourish the production possible of food manufacturers. In the fruit puree market, this, in turn, will influence the fruit puree demand all over the world. Additionally, the growing need for fruit purees is anticipated to push the market growth in the future.

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