Glass Bonding Adhesives Market Outlook - Industry Trends

Glass Bonding Adhesives Market To Witness Owing To Enhanced Usage To Bond A Variety Of Substrates Wi

The global glass bonding adhesives market was estimated to be worth of USD 780.7 million in 2018. Glass bonding adhesives are used to bond a variety of substrates with glass such as metal, rubbers and plastics among others. These products can be used on different types of glass such as glass ceramic, borosilicate, fused quartz, and glass fiber surfaces. The products are such designed as to withstand high durability under varying temperature and climatic conditions.


Light –weight is an important factor to be considered in the automotive as well as the aircraft industry. These adhesives are widely used in these industries as they can be used to bond surfaces without adding weight. Particularly, in the aerospace industry, when the focus is on weight reduction, glass bonding adhesives are the material of choice. They find applications in various sectors such as consumer goods, electronics, aerospace, transportation, medical, furniture, construction among others.


They are used in aerospace interiors as bonding agents for composite glass materials, displays, lights, fasteners and electronics. There has been a global growth in the aerospace industry due to factors such as government incentives and encouragement, affordable fuel prices resulting in affordable plane tickets, rising disposable income and better connectivity as compared to the past. Such factors have propelled the growth of the aerospace industry and this factor is expected to benefit the glass adhesives market growth over the forecast period.


The transportation sector is also one of the key application areas of glass bonding adhesives. These adhesives are used by the sector to achieve reduced assembly times, lower costs and better adhesion performance. They are mainly utilized in the industry for structural bonding purposes, stationary glass sealing, backlight, glass hardware, door glass, sunroofs, windscreens, bonding of mixed materials, bonding of headliners, and aftermarket glass replacement among others. The global growth in the automotive industry is expected to benefit the glass bonding adhesives market growth over the forecast period.


Competitive Landscape and Key Vendors

The region of Asia Pacific, is expected to witness the highest growth rate over the forecast period. Growth in the key end use industries in the region, improving economic conditions in countries such as China and India are expected to propel the regional market growth. Central & South America is expected to witness a modest growth owing to significant demand from countries such as Brazil and Chile. Germany, France and Italy are expected to drive the European regional demand over the forecast period.


The market is highly fragmented owing to the large presence of regional suppliers. Significant focus is given non new product development to match the ever-changing needs of consumers as the end use industries such as automotive and electronics are constantly evolving. Key companies across the value chain of glass bonding adhesives include Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd., Threebond Holdings Co., Ltd., Bohle Group, Dymax Corporation, H.B. Fuller, Delo, Kiwo, Henkel AG & Co. Kgaa, Sika AG, The DOW Chemical Company and The 3M Company among others.

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