Increasing use of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer across the globe to drive demand

Increasing use of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer across the globe to drive demand

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a rubber that is synthetic. It is composed of ethylene, propylene, and diene monomers. The single bond of its molecular structure makes it exceedingly resistant to external conditions. There are many benefits of EPDM, like it has outstanding water resistance, both salt and fresh, and is pliant with oxidation, UV, and ozone. The weathering and temperature properties of EPDM are also notable. But on the other hand, EPDM portrays disappointing closeness with most gasoline, oils, aromatic, kerosene, and concentrated acids. EPDM rubber has excellent resistance to atmospheric aging, which means that it is resistant to ozone, heat, and weather, it is most resistant to chemicals that are water-based, it is also resistant to tearing and abrasion, and it has permeated polymer backbone formation.

Emerging trends in EPDM markets

The usage of EPDM is a cost-effective alternative to silicon rubber-like in moisture exposure or for electric insulation. It is mainly used in automotive because of its resilience and flexibility. It can be discovered in wire and cable harnesses, vehicle weather stripping, and brake systems. It is also merged with other materials to make rub strips, fender extensions, and car bumpers.

Industrial applications utilize EPDM for waterproofing and electrical insulation properties as they are flexible and resilient. EPDM can be detected in parts like hoses, gaskets and electrical connectors, and insulators for cable and wire. It is also used in diaphragms, accumulator bladders, and belts.

EPDM is regularly utilized in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as it has an electrical conductivity that is low and is resistant to water and steam. EPDM's temperature range is wide. Therefore it can provide exemplary performance in HVAC applications without the apprehension of deterioration because of thermal conditions.

Due to Covid-19, the EPDM market declined by 12.9% in volume as juxtaposed to 2019.  The EPDM market was impacted in 2020 because of supply chain disturbance and a decrease in end-use industries. The raw material needed for EPDM decreased because of depletion in the exploration and production activity of crude oil. The global automotive industry has been seriously influenced by Covid-19. The sales and production of motor vehicles have come to a standstill. The work gaps have created a drop in thousands of vehicles globally. The work gaps have disapprovingly impacted demand for EPDM in 2020.

The Asia Pacific region is said to dominate the market as it is a center for the automotive and construction industry. It is a prominent region driving the demand for EPDM. Although there was a decline in the automotive industry, the construction industry in China remained strong. Globally the country has the most significant construction market. 20% of all construction funding in the world comes from China. By 2030, China will pay out approximately USD 13 trillion on buildings.

The strategic position of leading market participants

Regarding electric vehicles, the technological shift in the automobile sector is developing gradually. The care towards the environment and a rise in demand for cars with zero emissions are a few parts underpinning development. The development in EVs indicates a change in automotive components as juxtaposed to internal combustion engines (ICE). The vehicle comprises rubber parts like wiper blades, belts, vibration parts, and hoses and gaskets. There is no engine system or fuel. Thus the aggregate rubber weight is lessened by 30% as juxtaposed to ICE. EPDM finds applications for EVs in cable insulation or fast charging technology. In such vehicles, EPDM is also utilized for thermal insulation.

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