Maintaining the Appropriate Surface Temperature with the Pipe Insulation Market

Maintaining the Appropriate Surface Temperature with the Pipe Insulation Market

Pipe Insulation is a protective covering wrapped around the surface of pipes to maintain the temperature of pipes and the substance flowing through them. Pipe insulation also reduces the impact of the pipe’s temperature on objects and things that are in close vicinity to the pipe. Besides, insulation can minimize the noise created by some pipe systems in residential and commercial premises.

The pipe insulation market was valued at USD 7.80 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3%, generating an estimated revenue of USD 12.91 billion over the forecast period.

Common types of pipe insulation

Below we’ve listed some of the most common types of pipe insulation:

Hot insulation: As the name implies, hot insulation is used to retard heat flow from the flow of fluids in pipes. Calcium silicate, glass wool, and mineral wool are commonly used as hot insulation materials.

Cold insulation: Cold insulation is applied on pipe surfaces to prevent condensation and avoid heat gain from the surrounding. Polyurethane foam and expanded polystyrene foam are common examples of cold insulation materials offered by the pipe insulation market key players.

Fibrous insulation: Fibrous or rigid fiber insulation consists of small-diameter fibers that finely separate the air space. Slag wool, rock wool, and silica are common materials for this type of insulation. Fibrous insulation is often used to insulate cavity walls, solid walls, and structural panels.

Acoustic insulation: Acoustic insulation is installed on pipes likely to produce sounds. Acoustic insulation aims to keep vibration noise within the permissible limit. Commonly used acoustic insulation materials include fiberglass, polyester, and mass-loaded vinyl.

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Benefits of piping insulation

There are several benefits of pipe insulation. Some of them include:

  • Facilitates temperature control of the process
  • Prevents water condensation on cold surfaces
  • Reduces the risk of rust accumulation on pipe surface
  • Lowers the chances of major damage in piping systems
  • Reduces the risk of injury due to piping failure

Growth Drivers

Insulation retards the flow of heat from piping systems and can aid in reducing greenhouse gases. Increasing environmental consciousness towards greenhouse gas emissions fuels the demand for insulation materials in several end-user sectors such as oil & gas and building & construction.

The rapid development of several low bio-permanent materials, increasing emphasis on energy conservation, and the adoption of technological innovations worldwide are other factors expected to have a favorable impact on the pipe insulation market growth in the near future.

Recent Developments

In May 2022, leading engineered foam provider Armacell announced the launch of two new insulation products. Armacell’s new products connect the indoor and outdoor components of heat pumps and air conditioning systems and have several installer benefits.

In May 2021, Finse Ltd unveiled its new thermal insulation product Finse Thermal Cell. The thermal cell is produced in-house and can be effectively tailored for each new machine.


The growing usage of advanced district heating systems due to high electricity tariff rates, increasing environmental consciousness, and rising demand for insulations from the oil & gas industry are some key factors driving the pipe insulation market demand. The presence of several manufacturers across the globe and their increasing emphasis on research & development activities is anticipated to create huge growth opportunities in the next few years.

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