A Shift in Complaint Tracking from Paper-Based Process to Digital Systems

A Shift in Complaint Tracking from Paper-Based Process to Digital Systems

A medical device complaint management system is a software suite that enables businesses to quickly respond to client concerns about a medical device's performance. All reported flaws in a machine's safety, durability, quality, performance, and effectiveness are handled through a complaint management system.


Manufacturers may use this approach to create better, safer products with lower labor costs and shorter production times. By offering advanced analytics, the complaint management solution assists various departments such as design, technical support, manufacturing, sales, and marketing to work efficiently.


Integrating software aids administrations in maintaining high-quality documents. An electronic form with multiple pages ensures proper capture of complaint information as well as the reorganization of documents into a simple procedure. This assists in the preservation of clarity and promotes decision-making about consumer concerns. The increasing use of software to maintain the general method of complaint management is credited with the acceptability and demand of the medical device complaint management market all over the world.


Key Dynamics of Medical Device Complaint Management Market

Customer service is at the center of any company's risk management, and such a system will help medical device complaint management systems gain momentum across the globe. The ability to interface the system with mobile apps will help the technology gain traction in the industry. The absence of a qualified workforce, a lack of grasp of rules, and a lack of full knowledge of a device's lifecycle will be the primary concerns in this sector.


A major transition from a paper-based to a digital complaint recording system is expected to accelerate growth. Additionally, favorable government policies as well as the rising need for an automated system for complaint management, are projected to fuel the growth of the medical device complaint management system market.


Market Developments in Different Regions

North America led the medical device complaint management system market and is expected to continue to do so in the coming years. The domestic market's expansion is fueled by strict regulatory requirements for the treatment of complaints and their effective management. For instance, in the United States, the medical device complaint management directive imposes mandatory requirements on importers, user services, and manufacturers to report certain device-related adversarial proceedings and product flaws to the FDA.


The European market is strictly regulated, and medical device manufacturers require to report incidents and Field Safety Corrective Actions (FSCA) to competent European specialists. Those manufacturing companies that neglect to report the incidents may face serious consequences.


Market Participants Emphasizing on Strategic Collaborations

The global medical device complaint management market has witnessed tough competition among existing players and new market entrants. Among these some of them dominating the market for the last several years. Tata Consulting Services (TCS), Parexel International Corporation, Wipro, AssurX, SAS, MasterControl, and Sparta Systems.


Top companies in the industry use strategic approaches such as collaborations, acquisitions, and mergers to increase market share and diversify their product range. Many businesses are also developing mobile app solutions to handle client concerns. For instance, customers can use Intellect's mobile application platform to file complaints, escalate tickets, and generate queries.


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