Emergence of COVID-19 Pandemic to Drive Market Growth

Emergence of COVID-19 Pandemic to Drive Market Growth

Patients are supplied with oxygen through concentrators and cylinders. Since oxygen concentrators do not store oxygen, they differ from traditional oxygen tanks. Oxygen concentrators take in ambient air from the atmosphere and remove nitrogen to provide pure oxygen.

It has been discovered that oxygen cylinders can only hold a certain amount of oxygen before running out as the consumer inhales it. The oxygen supply must be replaced or refilled when it runs out. It is possible to provide a continuous supply of oxygen through the cylinder.

Continuous oxygen supply is required during emergency patient admissions and operations to ensure adequate oxygen supply. World Health Organization (WHO) recommends using oxygen therapy equipment such as oxygen concentrators for serious/critical patients. If the prevalence of infections rises, so does the demand for medical oxygen concentrators.

Furthermore, a large elderly population that is susceptible to such diseases would increase demand. Patients who use concentrators may live a more active lifestyle. They will go about their daily lives without difficulty by using these medical devices. As a result, manufacturers are attempting to miniaturize these medical devices.

Key Dynamics of Medical Oxygen Concentrators & Oxygen Cylinders Market

The rising prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) coupled with the growing concern about better disease management are the major factors driving the medical oxygen concentrators & oxygen cylinders market.

The industry will expand as more people become aware of improved treatment options and favorable reimbursement for homecare oxygen concentrators. Technology advancements in oxygen concentrators, such as lighter weight, higher performance, and higher oxygen production, are expected to boost demand for portable concentrators, assisting market development.

The demand for medical oxygen concentrators and cylinders is anticipated to be driven by a growing number of government initiatives and awareness campaigns by various organizations to spread awareness among patients about COPD. During the COVID-19 emergency, the global oxygen cylinder and concentrator demand are expected to rise significantly, and this trend is expected to continue after the COVID-19 emergency comes under control.

Major Developments Observed in Medical Oxygen Concentrators & Oxygen Cylinders Market

  • Government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and regulatory agencies giving more emphasis on different initiatives and campaigns to raise public awareness regarding COPD and the steps that can be taken to treat and prevent it.
  • Manufacturing firms from across the globe have been focused on launching new oxygen concentrator devices and systems, which are assisting in the improvement of quality treatment.
  • Medical oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders are primarily used in homecare and non-homecare settings. Because of the increased demand for pure oxygen and technological advancements, home care has emerged as the largest segment in the industry.
  • The ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 is projected to significantly impact the Medical oxygen concentrators & oxygen cylinders market. Manufacturers of these products have an opportunity to take advantage of the increased demand for medical supplies to ensure a steady supply of personal protective equipment.

Regional Outlook for Medical Oxygen Concentrators & Oxygen Cylinders Market

North America was the largest region in terms of revenue share on account of a high prevalence of respiratory issues and favorable repayment policies in the United States. In addition, the increasing geriatric population in this region is also complementing the market growth. Asia Pacific is projected to have the highest growth owing to a huge rise in cases of COVID-19, an increase in the usage of medicinal facilities, and increased interest in flexible concentrators.

Recent Development in Medical Oxygen Concentrators & Oxygen Cylinders Market

Exalta has recently developed an advanced portable mini ventilator that has an inbuilt oxygen concentrator. It helps to create pure oxygen through the water-based on normal pressure swing adsorption (PSA). This product works on the pressure exhaust mechanism that uses the zeolite process to draw oxygen from normal air.

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