Growing Demand for High-throughput Screening Methodologies

Growing Demand for High-throughput Screening Methodologies

Microfluidics emerged as a breakthrough technology that is applied in various fields from biology and chemistry to IT and optics. The use of a simple technique called photography, originally developed for the production of small features on circuits in the semiconductor industry, is microfluidic systems. In procedures such as capillary electrophoresis, immunoassay, PCR amplification, cell separation and manipulation, DNA analysis, and cell movement, microfluidic systems are widely used in the medical field.


Microfluidic systems have numerous analytical applications in the pharmaceutical industry in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, e.g. for monitoring and optimizing protein-drug production and in human-cell testing. Microfluidic research applications mainly involve the analysis of drug-resistant, antibiotic bacterial, the transport of nanoparticles in the blood, and the observation of the kinetic chemical reaction.


Key Influencers for Microfluidics Market

Invitro diagnostics, input screening methodologies, and advanced laboratory-on-a-chip technologies collectively contribute to market growth, and rapid demand for low volume analysis is being made. In-vitro diagnostics (IVD). More technological progress in diagnostic equipment and the increasing incidence of chronic illnesses encourage the adoption of microfluidics in the diagnosis of disease. These developments lead to the evolution of an economical mass diagnostic device production process in a variety of diagnostic applications.


Regional Dynamics for Microfluidics Market

The microfluidics industry in North America is led by the presence of numerous major players locally, the introduction of advanced technologies, and increased demand for diagnostics of POC. The growth of the Asian Pacific microfluidics market is mainly due to such factors as the use of microfluidics techniques for point-of-care testing, and the development of microfluidics. COVID- 19 countries from the Asia-Pacific region have suffered from a pandemic, resulting in a large number of deaths from coronavirus. The microfluidic coronavirus diagnosis is becoming a buzzing topic among many.


Future Projections for Microfluidics Market

For future biomedical analysis, biocompatible polymers such as PDMS could enable microfluidic systems to be embedded in vivo. The potential of microfluidics to allow single or single-molecular analyses, which could allow basic cell biology and molecular research. In research laboratories for proteomics, genomics, and metabolomics, new microfluidic tools are being developed. Although microfluidics is in its infancy, they offer revolutionary and new future capabilities. Hopefully, more active academic research can illustrate how this attractive technology can exploit its potential.


Competitive Scope of Microfluidics Market

Several diagnostics companies have recognized the promising role of rapid molecular diagnostic testing in recent years. They have also introduced many popular microfluidic treatment products. The need for the microfluidic market is expected to be driven by such clinical trials. The size of the microfluidics market is also heavily dependent on the growing demand for POCT research. POCT requires testing close to the patient care facility to produce immediate results outside the traditional laboratory environment.

Companies are introducing expansions of facilities, collaborations, and new products to strengthen their market position. Some of the key market participants are Abbott Laboratories, Roche Ltd, Life Technologies Corporation, Bio-Rad Laboratories, PerkinElmer, Fluidigm Corporation, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Cellix Ltd., and Thermo Fisher Scientific.


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