Growing Need for Convenient Packaging to Drive Demand

Growing Need for Convenient Packaging to Drive Demand

Molded pulp packaging is an excellent substitute for extended polystyrene, vacuum molded plastic, and corrugated die-cut packaging. Since the fibers are relatively soft, molded pulp packaging can easily be molded to the form of the products, and it cushions objects by absorbing any impacts.


As a result, it's perfect for packaging fragile products like electronics and automobile parts. The packaging industry's aim to stop using Styrofoam, plastics, and petroleum-based packaging has fuelled the development of this packaging application. Molded pulp packaging is an excellent choice for custom cut-outs, cushioning inserts, and durable packaging due to its properties.


The environmental benefits of molded pulp, such as recyclability, biodegradability, and the ability to be composted in industrial facilities, are driving the market growth. The growth is expected to be driven by increased demand for sustainable packaging products from a variety of end-use industries. Drive-thru and carryout food service, as well as grocery stores, will continue to be popular throughout the crisis. Furthermore, an increase in online shopping among consumers could boost sales of molded pulp protective packaging.


Major Developments in Molded Pulp Packaging Market

  • Wooden and other recycled material pulps are molded into trays, cups, clamshells, splitters, and plates, among other products. Molded pulp trays, which are used for packaging, are the most common type, accounting for 80% of total demand.
  • Growing disposable income in emerging economies has caused a change in consumer behavior, resulting in a higher demand for clamshells for packing and storing homemade or processed fast foods.
  • Eggs and food & food services are major consumers of molded pulp products. Demand for molded pulp for eggs is expected to rise at a significant rate in the years to come owing to a substantial rise in the demand rate.
  • The market is expected to benefit from rising per capita egg consumption in developing countries, as well as the increasing adoption of sustainable disposables by the foodservice industry.


Regional and Competitive Scenario of Molded Pulp Packaging Market

North America is expected to expand at a rapid pace on account of the ban on plastic packaging and rising customer demand for sustainable packaging solutions. The largest region was the Asia Pacific, which was expected to become a leading market. Over the next few years, the molded pulp packaging market will benefit from high egg production and a rapidly increasing food and foodservice sector in the area. China is the world's largest producer of eggs. Mergers and acquisitions have been used by several companies in the molded pulp packaging market to broaden their product range and consumer base.


The molded pulp packaging market is primarily dominated by some of the key players including Eco-Products, Sabert Corporation, UFP Technologies, Thermoformed Engineered Quality LLC, Fabri-Kal, and Henry Molded Products. These companies have well-known brands, a diverse product range, and a broad regional reach.


Companies primarily provide personalized solutions based on consumer preferences, as well as regular product offerings like bowls, trays, cups and, and clamshells. In light of rising product demand, key companies are concentrating their efforts on expanding their established manufacturing capacity.


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