Rise in Gender Confirmation Surgeries to Drive Demand

Rise in Gender Confirmation Surgeries to Drive Demand

Transgender women and women with vaginal agenesis are the most common individuals who undergo neovaginal surgeries. Neovaginal operations are performed as part of gender reassignment procedures, and a neovagina is developed using penile inversion, sigmoid colon grafts, scrotal grafts, or a combination of these procedures.

Researchers are concentrating their efforts on developing new skin graft alternatives for use in neovaginal reconstruction, as technological advancements allow the procedure to be completed faster and at a lower cost than traditional surgery methods. In agenesis patients, various surgical methods such as sigmoid vaginoplasty and the Davydov procedure are used to create a neovagina.

Increased awareness among people and availability of effective surgeries have resulted in significant workplace reforms as well as insurance coverage for same-sex couples. Laparoscopic neovaginal surgeries are expected to hold the largest market share and rise at the fastest pace.

The rising demand for laparoscopic procedures to treat vaginal agenesis has resulted in their dominance. The growing demand for minimally invasive procedures to treat vaginal agenesis is expected to increase the demand for laparoscopic neovaginal surgery kits.

Growth Drivers for Neovaginal Surgery Market

The increasing number of laparoscopic surgeries performed across the globe, owing to a growing demand for minimally invasive surgeries for the effective treatment of vaginal agenesis, is propelling the growth of the market. Surgical procedure advancements are helping to improve the patient experience by reducing the amount of time and money needed for surgery.

Individuals opting for such surgeries may also get financial aid from major developing countries such as China and India. As a result of the rising demand, service providers are expanding their regional scope to accommodate the influx of patients.

Technological advances in neovaginal surgeries have also aided in the growth of the neovaginal surgery market in recent years. The inclusion of gender reassignment surgeries under the reimbursement policies was prompted by the rising demand for these procedures. SRS is also included in the health insurance plans in many countries.

Europe Dominates the Neovaginal Surgery Market

The number of surgical procedures and techniques is rapidly increasing as a result of rising social consciousness and acceptance of gender reassignment in the majority of European countries, driving demand for products such as dilators, vaginal stents, and neovaginal surgery kits used to conduct these surgeries.

The regional market of Asia Pacific is projected to rise at the fastest pace. The market in this region is rising due to an increase in the number of gender change surgeries performed by insurance companies and an increase in medical tourism.

The cosmetic treatment in North America is well-regulated. The region's growth is fueled by the easy availability of insurance coverage and the growing number of manufacturers and medical practitioners who treat vaginal anomalies. An increasing skilled labor force, as well as a growing number of facilities that perform neovaginal surgeries, are expected to boost demand in this region.

Key Market Participants

Leading manufacturers are opting for different strategies to improve their market position and expand their presence across regions. Some of the key players present in the neovaginal surgery market are Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, KESSEL medintim GmbH, Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center, and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sina, and González-Fontana.

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