Growing Preference for Surgical Procedures to Drive Demand

Growing Preference for Surgical Procedures to Drive Demand

A computerized pump that carries syringes for pain medicine and is directly attached to a patient's intravenous line is referred to as a patient-controlled analgesic (PCA) pump. It is used for post-operative care and provides an extra benefit to people who have difficulties swallowing medications. Patient-controlled analgesic pumps have a number of benefits, including fewer post-operative problems, better recovery quality, less sedation, and reduced pharmaceutical consumption. PCA pumps are also beneficial to people who have difficulty taking oral drugs.


The patient has control over their pain with patient-controlled analgesia. This was accomplished with the assistance of a patient-controlled analgesic pump. A PCA pump is a computerized pump that includes a pain medicine syringe that is attached to the patient's IV line directly. The safety features of PCA pumps are built within the equipment. A safe limit is established within which a patient can self-administer the pain medication. Analgesic pumps that are controlled by the patient are usually provided to patients who have had surgery.


Major influencing factors for patient-controlled analgesic pumps market

Advancements in the pumps, such as variable-rate infusions calculated depending on patient needs for analgesia, as well as improved patient monitoring, are expected to increase the utilization of such approaches. Chronic pain becomes more common as people get older, peaking in people aged 65 and up. As a result, the increased prevalence of chronic pain among adults is expected to fuel strong growth in the market for patient-controlled analgesic pumps.


The growing trend of home healthcare is expected to boost the market growth in the next years during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patient-controlled analgesia pumps will aid patients who have difficulty swallowing oral medications. As a result, as more patients who are unable to take oral medications use medical devices, the market is likely to rise.


North America led the market and is anticipated to hold dominant position

As a result of a rising number of cases of cancer, unintentional injuries, diabetes, and other pain-related disorders, North America is likely to dominate the patient-controlled analgesic pumps market. Due to the prevalence of baby boomers in the United States, the large target senior population during the projection period demands effective analgesic treatment. Furthermore, throughout the forecast period, rising public awareness regarding pain management is likely to drive the growth of the patient-controlled analgesic pumps market in the area.


Strategic moves from leading market players

A striking tendency that can be seen across the board is that these businesses are now aiming to handle a certain business-related activity in a country with favorable legislation. In order to create more jobs, governments in emerging countries are introducing policies to entice foreign investors to their industrial sectors by cutting trade taxes and duties. Companies are also forming partnerships and collaborations in order to expand their global footprint.


Some of the prominent players present in the patient-controlled analgesic pumps market and holding a strong position are Ace Medical, Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA, B. Braun Melsungen AG, ICU Medical, Smiths Group plc, Dickinson and Company, and Baxter International Inc.


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