Increasing Use of Mobile Applications for Healthcare Services

Increasing Use of Mobile Applications for Healthcare Services

Patient engagement in healthcare, guided by information technology, helps to provide better health services for society. Patients can better manage their health care with better access to healthcare providers and personal health information. Patient engagement solutions may help businesses expand by providing cost-effective healthcare facilities, reduced hospitalization stays, improved healthcare quality, and enhanced patient outreach. Mobile health technology relies heavily on patient engagement solutions. During normal exams and when concerns emerge, healthcare workers interact with patients.


Patient engagement technologies provide real-time reporting to physicians and immediate feedback to patients, allowing for frequent monitoring of patient health. As a result, fewer office visits, treatments, and hospitalizations may be required. Patient engagement solutions enable the administration of healthcare data and the interaction of healthcare professionals with patients. It is critical to give the appropriate tools for them to actively participate in their health management. Some of the benefits include more improved patient outreach, fewer complications, lower hospital readmission rates, and better health care quality.


Key Dynamics of Patient Engagement Solutions Market

Factors such as the enforcement of regulatory standards and promotional programs to spread the importance of patient-centric care, increasing utilization of mobile health apps, and the growing aging population are driving the growth of the patient engagement solutions market. Increased prevalence of chronic diseases and rise in initiatives by the government for creating awareness regarding the engagement solutions boosting this market to grow. There is growing interest among patients to track their health by accessing electronic health records.


The patient engagement solutions market is primarily driven by factors such as the implementation of government rules and measures to encourage patient-centric care, the growing elderly population, and the increased use of mobile health apps. Increased prevalence of chronic conditions, as well as government attempts to raise awareness about engagement solutions, have aided the market's growth. Patients are becoming more interested in using electronic health information to track their health.


Regional Outlook for Patient Engagement Solutions Market

North America dominates the market for patient engagement solutions due to increasing chronic diseases, regulatory mandates under the Affordable Care Act, increased demand for quality care, rising healthcare expenses, and an increase in the region's senior population. In the patient engagement solutions market, Asia is predicted to grow rapidly over the next five years. In the Asia-Pacific area, China and India are expected to be the fastest expanding markets.


Rise in Opportunities for Market Participants

Patient engagement solutions that are cloud-based and an increase in medical tourism are projected to assist the global patient engagement solutions market to generate prospects in the future. Pharmaceutical firms are likely to see considerable growth potential in the next years as a result of numerous pharmaceutical businesses utilizing patient engagement solutions to manage incurred capital to satisfy their research demands.


Recent Development in Patient Engagement Solutions Market

Antidote Technologies Limited has raised $23.2 million to develop its digital patient engagement and clinical trial recruitment services. LBO France, a private equity firm dedicated to promoting the rise of digital health, both in terms of revolutionizing health systems and driving medical R&D, led the fundraising.


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