Increasing Cases of Urinary Incontinence to Propel Market Growth

Increasing Cases of Urinary Incontinence to Propel Market Growth

Pelvic electro-stimulation is an advanced therapy for urinary stress incontinence and the rehabilitation of weak pelvic floor muscles. The stimulation of the pelvic floor aid in the contraction and strengthening of the pelvic floor in women suffering from stress urinary incontinence. Patients with urologic illnesses such as urine retention, kidney stones, and benign prostatic hyperplasia may benefit from these procedures. Pelvic floor stimulation urine incontinence with electrical and electromagnetic stimulation.


Key Drivers for Pelvic Floor Electric Stimulator Market

Increased instances of diabetes and hypertension are important contributors to the worrisome rise in urine incontinence prevalence. Manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into research and development in order to provide the best treatment options. As a result, the market for pelvic floor stimulators is evolving. The use of telehealth technology to help with pelvic floor care will improve market sales. These services provided by medical professionals and hospitals are designed to improve patient care by assisting patients in selecting the appropriate goods for their treatment. These characteristics will help the market expand.


The COVID-19 pandemic is projected to have a minor impact on the growth rate of the pelvic floor electric stimulator market. Although offline consultation meetings with physiotherapists and other medical specialists are projected to drop, virtual or online consultations are likely to improve. The coronavirus outbreak has prompted health officials to promote the use of digital technologies. Despite legal and ethical concerns, most medical experts believe that telemedicine might be a viable source of health care in the event of a global pandemic.


Highlights of Pelvic Floor Electric Stimulator Market

  • Growth opportunities will be created by increasing per capita healthcare expenditures and willingness to pay on advanced procedures.
  • Increased demand for pelvic floor stimulators is being driven by government and non-governmental groups' efforts to raise awareness.
  • Manufacturers are concentrating their efforts on research and development in order to create unique and technologically advanced rechargeable products.
  • Due to active online counseling provided by physiotherapists and medical professionals, sales of pelvic floor stimulators have maintained steady growth.


Regional Dynamics for Pelvic Floor Electric Stimulator Market

The Asia Pacific is expected to develop as a potential regional market, owing to numerous factors such as increased government spending, increased investment by key market participants, and awareness campaigns by various organizations. The North American region is expected to dominate the global pelvic floor stimulators market in the coming years.


Factors such as a growing interest in research & development to innovate a more efficient and cost-effective pelvic floor workout method, coupled with a growing emphasis on conservative programs for women suffering from urinary incontinence, are expected to drive demand for pelvic floor stimulators in this region.


Competitive Scenario for Pelvic Floor Electric Stimulator Market

Strategic alliances, acquisitions, and expansion are top moves taken by the leading market players. Additionally, product releases, collaborations, and research sponsorships are major strategies used by manufacturers to expand their research and development capabilities while raising sales in the pelvic floor stimulator market by expanding product portfolios.


Market participants such as Atlantic Therapeutics, Verity Medical Ltd., Athena Feminine Technologies, The Prometheus Group, TensCare Ltd., InControl Medical, Zynex Inc., Renovia Inc., and ActivLife Technologies are holding a leading position in the pelvic floor electric stimulator market.


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