Growing Focus to Advance 5G Network in Manufacturing Sector

Growing Focus to Advance 5G Network in Manufacturing Sector

Digital technologies have transformed the industry verticals and 5G technology will gradually become a core component of these digital solutions. Enterprises and industrial users are likely to increase adoption of 5G technology owing to its connection efficiency, low latency, and ability to support a large number of devices.


With increased investments, advances in technological infrastructure, and lower data plans contribute to the increased number of internet users. Furthermore, as technology has become more widely adopted, the number of devices being used has grown, increasing the number of connected devices and a need for low latency and higher bandwidth networks, which 5G can offer.


A private 5G network is a LAN that employs 5G technology to create a dedicated network with universal connectivity and services within a defined region. A private 5G network offers many of the advantages of 5G technology, such as low latency, faster communication rates, a high number of connected devices, and the introduction of AR and VR applications, among other things. Manufacturing, healthcare, automobiles, government, mining, and aerospace are some of the major industries where it finds the application.


Key Dynamics of Private 5G Network Market

With a rise in the number of applications, the demand for private 5G networks is increasing to ensure that vast amounts of data produced by continuous monitoring are properly transmitted. Also, the use of IoT devices in applications other than industries is on the rise, requiring continuous monitoring and the generation of larger volumes of data. To ensure smooth functionality, the data produced must be safe and transmitted seamlessly. These factors contribute to the growth of the private 5G network market.


A private 5G network, unlike a public network, can be tailored to an organization's unique requirements. Large businesses are expected to deploy private 5G networks, which would be operated in-house or by an outsourced telecom provider, using fully owned infrastructure and dedicated spectrum. Leasing network equipment, outsourcing network operations, and subleasing spectrum from a public mobile operator are more common among medium- and small-sized businesses. The collaboration will be vital for in-depth information and experience across industry segments to allow widespread adoption of private 5G networks.


Key Regional Developments for Private 5G Network Market

In Asia-Pacific, the manufacturing, logistics and transportation, and healthcare industries are expected to offer the most opportunities for private 5G networks. Manufacturing and healthcare are projected to generate the most revenue out of all the industry verticals. The demand for private 5G networks is projected to rise significantly during the forecast period due to increased application and rapid technological growth in the region. The substantial increase in investments by key service providers such as AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications in deploying private 5G network networks is projected to help North America gain significant market share.


Competitive Scenarios of Private 5G Network Market

Market participants are concentrating on designing new devices and collaborating with industrial manufacturers to create a private 5G network-based device within the geographic footprint. For instance, Nokia has released a commercial 5G standalone private wireless networking solution for companies in the market, which will help to drive digitalization in various industries.


Some of the major players present in the private 5G network market include Altiostar, Qualcomm Technologies, Cisco Systems, Nokia Corporation, Broadcom Inc., Ericsson, SAMSUNG, Verizon Communications, Ltd, Huawei Technologies Co., Telefonaktiebolaget LM, T-Systems International GmbH, Vodafone Limited, and Deutsche Telekom.


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