Relieve Chronic Pain with Acupuncture Needles Market

Relieve Chronic Pain with Acupuncture Needles Market

Although the human body has a remarkable capacity for healing, many people frequently find it challenging to use that capacity due to their modern lifestyles. The practice of acupuncture, which has its origins in the ancient science of Chinese medicine, aids in the promotion of this inherent capacity for healing.

Acupuncture is becoming increasingly popular as a potentially safe and efficient treatment for various health issues, including stress, sleeplessness, menstrual cramps, and low back pain. The worldwide acupuncture needles market is estimated at USD 245 million in 2022 and is anticipated to increase to USD 372.40 million at a CAGR of 4.4% from 2023 to 2032.

What is Acupuncture?

Tiny needles are put into the skin during acupuncture to assist in balancing a person's energy. The patient's body is punctured with needles at precise spots corresponding to energy points. This activates the body's healing processes and aids in reestablishing harmony between the body and mind.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Here are some of the benefits of acupuncture treatment:

  • Reduced stress
  • Fewer chances of falling ill
  • Better sleep
  • Enhanced energy
  • Improved healing after medical procedures

The Key Driving Factors

As the prevalence of chronic illnesses has increased, so has the frequency of procedures. Maximum surgical wounds are deep, painful, and relatively big in size. In these cases, acupuncture relieves the patients' physical and emotional suffering. Because this therapy also helps patients heal from post-surgical trauma, the need for it is growing globally.

Moreover, the increasing prevalence of hypertension and diabetes is one of the main factors contributing to the growing acupuncture needles market demand. Diabetes patients frequently experience painful diabetic leg ulcers. Acupuncture therapy helps patients with these diseases by helping to ease their pain in these scenarios. The market for acupuncture needles will grow over the projected period due to the mental relaxation it offers and its contribution to decreasing hypertension.

Also, the older population's growth may profit the acupuncture needles market because they are more vulnerable to chronic diseases and wounds.

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Silver Needle Has the Greatest Market Share

Silver needles are anticipated to rise moderately over the projected period due to their multiple miracles, including their effectual thermal effect in warm acupuncture techniques due to their high thermal conductivity. Additionally, it offers consumers better and faster relief compared to other materials. Patients have recently expressed a larger desire for silver needles due to these advantages, which is growing the market.

Asia Pacific is Holding the Significant Market Growth

Asia Pacific is predicted to expand fastest during the projection period. The presence of growing countries like India, China, and Japan is expected to hasten market expansion in the region. Acupuncture is a common traditional Chinese medicine in both China and Japan.

The rapidly growing medical tourism industry in these countries is another factor behind the increase in demand for the acupuncture needles market in Asia Pacific.

On a Final Note

Although acupuncture is accepted as safe and helpful for many diseases, it is not a cure-all, and you should continue taking your drugs. But even if it doesn't eliminate your symptoms, it might still help. Therefore, it might be worth a shot, especially in the case of persistent pain.

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