Increasing Organ Transplantation and Advancement in Tissue Engineering Fuels Scaffold Technology Mar

Increasing Organ Transplantation and Advancement in Tissue Engineering Fuels Scaffold Technology Mar

Scaffolds play a key role in tissue engineering for the regeneration and restoration of damaged organs caused due to illness or injury. Tissue engineering is the method of replacing or enhancing biological functions by integrating cells with appropriate physiochemical and biochemical factors.

Scaffold technology is critical for the regeneration and reconstruction of contaminated tissues in tissue engineering. This technology has a range of advantages in three-dimensional printing, including the integration of growth factors, porosities, multiple cell co-culture, and the development of composite geometries.

Key Dynamics and Developments in Scaffold Technology Market

The growth of the scaffold technology market is majorly driven by an increase in the demand for organ transplants and body reconstruction procedures across the globe. Scaffold technology is commonly used to simulate tissue construction. It is done to create a three-dimensional structure that improves transplantation methods which in turn drives the market growth.

Furthermore, the use of scaffolds in stem cell research is growing, with an increasing number of clinical trials using stem cell scaffolds. Continuous developments in reconstructive surgical processes allow for better incorporation of a scaffold-based implant at the desired site, which has a positive effect on the use of this technology in reconstructive procedures.

Continuous research activities to design revolutionary matrix-based 3D substrates for a favorable interface between implants and their host microenvironment for optimal drug release accelerate market growth even further. The introduction of new scaffolds with distinct characteristics, such as biological inertness, biodegradability, ability to reflect the human extracellular matrix, and ease of fluorescent imaging of cells is propelling the market growth. For instance, Meril Life Sciences obtained CE approval for its indigenously formed scaffold, MeRes100 BRS, which is a thin strut resorbable scaffold used to treat de novo coronary artery lesions.

The Nanofiber-based Scaffolds Segment Anticipated to Hold Highest Share

The nanofiber-based scaffolds segment is projected to hold the largest share of the global scaffold technology market in the coming years. These scaffolds have threadlike compositions that are created through pores. It's made using the electro-spinning process to aid in the manufacture of synthetic usable tissues for tissue engineering. These synthetic tissues have the same extracellular pattern as natural tissues. With the aid of an extracellular model of the tissue, it is useful in developing tissue engineering.

Stem Cell therapy, Regenerative Medicine, & Tissue Engineering Segment to Dominate the Market

The market is dominated by the stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine, and tissue engineering segment with its largest share contribution. The extensive use of scaffold technology in cosmetic surgeries, periodontology, abdominal wall repair, colorectal surgeries, soft tissue tumor repair, and wound healing contributed to the overall growth of the segment.

Competitive Scenario of Scaffold Technology Market

Some of the leading players operating in the scaffold technology market include Avacta Life Sciences Limited, Medtronic, Pelobiotech, 3D BioMatrix, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Nanofiber Solutions, Vericel Corporation, Akron Biotech, 3D Biotek LLC, Becton, Matricel GmbH, Xanofi, Merck KGaA, and Molecular Matrix Inc. Key industry participants are forming an alliance with other market players and giving emphasis on their expansion in the market. There are also involved in the expansion of their distribution network and merger with other key entities present in the market.

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