Unveiling Scarifiers Market Insights

Unveiling Scarifiers Market Insights

What is a Scarifier?

Scarifiers, also called surface planers, are machines that cut or remove a thin layer of dead moss, withered grass stems, and other debris with the use of cutting tools that spin around the drum. Because of their strength, it's crucial to understand when and how to use them. Some believe that Grinders or Shot Blaster are better than Scarifiers, but sometimes they're not nearly good enough.

Applications of Scarifiers

  • Light or heavy Milling
  • Removing coatings (such as floor tile mastics, rubbery adhesives, or epoxy)
  • Grooving walkways and sidewalks
  • Leveling misaligned concrete joints and uneven surfaces.

What Functions Do Scarifiers Perform?

A scarifier, which can be manual or electric, aerates the soil by cutting through it like a powerful rake, improving its health, making it weed-free, and prolonging its lifespan. Scarifiers eliminate unhealthy thatch build-up by enhancing the motion of moisture and fertilizing the roots of lawn grasses. It can prevent nutrients and water from reaching the soil below, prevent normal root development in the grass, and even suffocate it.

How to Use a Lawn Scarifier?

  • Apply a moss killer and rake out the dead moss

Before scarifying, you will need to spread moss killer over your lawn. This is a crucial step because if you use your scarifier to spread the airborne spores of living moss across the garden, it could get worse.

  • Mow your lawn on a low-setting

Once moss has killed, mow your lawn on a dry day on a low setting.

  • Scarify the lawn

Start by using the lawn scarifier on its highest setting and circling the area a few times. Repeat the procedure at an angle, lowering the settings with each pass.

  • Apply top soil and grass seed to finish

After scarifying, use overseeding to promote new grass growth. Water your lawn thoroughly to help the recovery process.

Market Size and Driving Factors

  • The global scarifiers market was valued at USD 2,249.05 million in 2022 and is expected to obtain USD 4,821.88 million, generating a CAGR of 7.9% during the forecast period.
  • Rising demand for landscape care in the United States is one of the prominent factors driving the market growth. Requirement for effective and efficient lawn care equipment like scarifiers has increased as more homeowners and businesses look to maintain their lawns and landscapes, which is boosting the market growth.
  • Growing popularity of lawn care services and the adoption of DIY lawn care are supporting the market growth in the US. In order to keep up the aesthetics and health of their lawns, many homeowners are investing in lawn care tools like scarifiers.

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Regional Insights

Based on geography, APAC is projected to experience higher growth during the forecast period due to the presence of a large and growing population and rising disposable incomes. Scarifiers and other related equipment are required to meet the rising demand for landscaping and lawn care services. There is an agricultural industry in the region, which leads to the demand for scarifiers for land preparation and maintenance. With advancements in agriculture practices, the requirement for scarifiers is expected to increase.


Leading companies in the scarifiers market are increasingly focusing on improving and expanding their product offerings, which is propelling the industry expansion. For instance, in October 2022, Andreas STIHL introduced the RLA-240, which is a push-button starter made for medium-sized lawns up to 500 square meters in size. The STIHL RLA 240 performs both scarifying and dethatching in a single operation.

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