Rapidly Growing E-Commerce Industry to Drive Growth

Point of Purchase (PoP) packaging is generally used in the retail industry to present various items attractively and appealingly. A well-designed and implemented corrugated PoP packaging approach helps a buyer make a purchase decision because the packaging can be innovative and provide key selling p

Increasing Prevalence of Lifestyle Diseases to Propel Demand

Vascular access devices (VADs) are an important part of nursing practice and are used in a variety of healthcare settings. This device is a hollow tube that is inserted into a vein or artery, either peripherally or centrally. Blood screening, central venous pressure readings, hemodynamic testing, an

Rising Demand in Automotive Sector to Propel Market Growth

Metal powder is a powdered type of metal like aluminum, iron, and steel. Metal powder is commonly used in different industries for a variety of purposes. Automobiles, electronics, healthcare, and firearms are among these sectors. Particles ranging in size from 25 to 200 micrometers can be found in m

Rising Consumption of Natural Resources to Drive Growth

Drilling bits are boring machines that are used to pierce and drill into soft and hard rock layers. They are used in applications such as mining, building, quarrying, tunneling, geological exploration, well drilling, and blasting. Drill bits are used to remove debris or rock materials to make holes

Growing Focus to Advance 5G Network in Manufacturing Sector

Digital technologies have transformed the industry verticals and 5G technology will gradually become a core component of these digital solutions. Enterprises and industrial users are likely to increase adoption of 5G technology owing to its connection efficiency, low latency, and ability to support

Growing Need for Convenient Packaging to Drive Demand

Molded pulp packaging is an excellent substitute for extended polystyrene, vacuum molded plastic, and corrugated die-cut packaging. Since the fibers are relatively soft, molded pulp packaging can easily be molded to the form of the products, and it cushions objects by absorbing any impacts.   As

Increasing Demand in Automotive Applications to Drive Growth

Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether (DGME) is generally derived from methanol and ethylene oxide. It's also known as methyl diglycol or 2-hydroxy-2-methoxy-diethyl ether. It's a solvent that's ideal for use in a variety of resins and pastes. Since it is a non-volatile solvent, it specifically finds ap

Increasing Demand in Wastewater Treatment to Drive Growth

Glycerol, also known as glycerin, is one of the major byproducts of biodiesel production. During the processing of biodiesel, approximately 10 pounds of crude glycerin gets extracted from every 100 pounds of biodiesel produced. The biodiesel industry is growing at a rapid pace, resulting in a surplu

Increasing Demand for Packaged Products to Drive Growth

Antimicrobial additives are active agents that when applied during the processing of products, prevent the growth of microbes such as fungi, bacteria, mold, and others. These additives are categorized based on the type of microbial action. Antimicrobial additives stop microorganisms from growing by

Rising Need for Minimal Invasive Surgery to Drive Growth

Fluid management systems are extensively used in health and medical services to maintain the necessary body fluid level to avoid problems caused by excessive fluid in the body. It's also used to diagnose critical medical situations before they become an emergency. Fluid deficit control, fluid irriga

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