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Rising Application of CAR-T Cell Therapy to Fight against Life-Threatening Disease of Cancer

The immune system continuously keeps track of substances present in the human body. Any substance that the immune system finds new and doesn’t recognize then it raises alarm as such unrecognizable substance can attack the immune system. Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)T-cell is an effective way in which immune cells also known as T cells to fight against diseases, especially to destroy cancer. Cancer has been the major cause of fatalities worldwide and CAR T-cell therapy has proven its significance effectively working against cancers. In some cases, it also gets success eliminating all signs of cancer and curing the patient completely.


CAR-T cell therapy consists of the re-engineering of white blood cells or WBC of the cancer-affected patient. During this therapy, the T-cells of a patient are derived, reformed, and again put inside the body where restructured cells multiply in number and start attacking the cancer cells. Nowadays, it is mostly preferred for effective treatment of patients fighting against blood cancer. The effectiveness of therapy successfully curing cancer is one of the major factors behind its huge demand across the globe.


Critical Need for Immunotherapy to Treat Cancer

With increasing cases of cancers worldwide, the need for perfect therapeutic solutions such as CAR T-cell therapy is essential. Over the years, CAR-T cell therapy has proven its importance as a major supportive procedure during cancer treatment. Since the adoption of chemotherapy treatment, CAR T-cell therapy proved as one of the most significant breakthroughs. CAR-T therapy is advanced immunotherapy that treats cancer by using the patient’s cells. During the therapy, immune cells are derived from the patient’s body and then modified in the laboratories by experts. After the modification part, these immune cells get multiplied when replaced in the patient’s body.


Increase in the financial support offered by leading organizations for promoting the development and application of CAR-T therapy boosting its demand at domestic as well as the global stage. In addition to this, government institutions are also providing much-needed financial support to the market players dealing with CAR-T therapy. The therapy already got global recognition due to its positive results for the healthcare industry. The high prevalence rate of blood cancer and ample availability of R&D labs are major factors behind the demand for the CAR-T cell therapy market in the North America region. The rising number of cancer patients coupled with an increasing count of clinical trials is some of the key drivers favoring the growth of the CAR-T cell market.


Academic Institutes Performing the Role of Research Organizations

The field of Immuno-Oncology is continuously evolving with research and development funded in billions for evaluation of new therapies. There are several leading academic institutes partnered with pharmaceutical companies for researching and developing various potential cancer therapies. Such partnerships have allowed the world’s major brains to work together for innovation in the healthcare system. As per the report published by the National Science Foundation, over 50% of primary research is carried out at the academic institutes in the US.


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