Control your Child's Devices with Parental Control Software Market

Control your Child's Devices with Parental Control Software Market

A new kind of child is being raised by parents today. Teenagers text to communicate, while toddlers utilize tablets. Additionally, most schools have included computers and iPads in their curriculum. Children can explore a world of possibilities, technology, and the most recent inventions with the help of the Internet and television, which can be fantastic teaching tools.

However, to protect children from predators and improper content, parents must be aware of the dark side of the Internet and know how to monitor it. Protecting youths from the hazards of the Internet and digital technology has become a priority for all parents. This is where the parental control software comes in. The increasing concern among parents about online security and safety is propelling the growth of the parental control software market.

The global parental control software market was valued at USD 1,100.69 million in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 3,409.39 million at a CAGR of 12.0% during the forecast period of 2032.

The Pros of Parental Control Software

Here are some of the important reasons why every house with kids must have parental controls on all devices:

  • Filters and blocks explicit content
  • Controls screen time management
  • Protects from scams and frauds
  • Better privacy and device safety
  • Tracks location, calls, messages, and social media
  • Peace of mind for parents

The Increasing Demand for Parental Control Software

The parental control software market demand is being largely driven by the significant increase in government regulations on standardizing the digital environment and digital content for children's safety, as there are many perceived risks associated with internet content and behavior. Direct access to technology like tablets, smartphones, and computers and heavy internet usage may have unfavorable effects. As a result, it became crucial for parents to check the suitability of the content their children are accessing and using these platforms.

Moreover, given the escalating social media addiction and health problems, children's exposure to the Internet and the rapidly growing use of social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Snapchat, YouTube, and many others, may be harmful. This has influenced parental control software market growth.

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Android Sector Accounts for the Largest Market Share

The android sector will hold the largest market share position throughout the research period. The market segment's expansion may be largely attributable to the increased time kids spend using smartphones and the widespread availability and affordable cost, especially for parents with limited resources and income.

Moreover, during the anticipated timeframe, the Windows sector will also increase its market share significantly. Kids increased use of OTT platforms, gaming, and YouTube worldwide has increased demand for parental control software that supports Windows OS, driving the growth of the parental control software market size.

The Residential Sector Holds the Significant Revenue Share

Due to a rise in the number of various issues relating to the digital world, such as rising social media use, child screen time, worry that kids will be constantly exposed to appropriate content, cyberbullying, and child abuse, the residential segment held a sizable market revenue share with a healthy growth rate in 2022. This is because parents are now more aware of the need to install this software on their children's devices.

Wrap Up

Youths today are intelligent and smart. The parents are responsible for keeping kids secure and guiding them toward making wiser decisions. Investing in parental control software teaches children the value of safety and common sense when exploring the online world.

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