Cork Stopper Market: An Environment-Friendly Packaging for Wines

Cork Stopper Market: An Environment-Friendly Packaging for Wines

The need for eco-friendly packaging has gained prominence with the growing awareness of environmental issues. One such packaging solution that comes to light is a cork stopper. Let’s delve into the world of a cork stopper, where you will get to know its benefits and insights into the cork stopper market.

Introduction to Cork Stopper

Cork stoppers are bottle closures used for sealing wine bottles. They are very successful, world-renowned materials that have been in use for thousands of years. Cork, made from cellular material, contains an array of physical and mechanical properties that contributes to extending the shelf life of wine. These properties combine minute oxygen transfer with sealing, chemical stability, and durability. 

Characteristics of Cork Stopper

  • Their mechanical properties allow insertion into the bottle and press against its neck
  • They properly seal the bottle to prevent wine flow
  • they can be removed with a medium extraction force
  • They have long-lasting physical and chemical stability
  • They are harmless
  • They maintain their qualities in a variety of environments and temperatures

Market Statistics You Must Know

  1. According to research by Polaris Market Research, the global cork stopper market was valued at USD 2.15 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 4.52 billion, accounting for a CAGR of 8.1% during the forecast period.
  2. The demand for cork stoppers is anticipated to surge globally over the forecast period owing to the rising demand for wine and enhanced production worldwide. Increasing incomes in leading countries have led to a rise in expenditure and changing consumption patterns.
  3. The market is creating significant growth opportunities for cork stoppers manufacturers/players as various wineries and cooking oil makers seek sustainable packaging solutions. Also the increasing demand for premium aged and toasted wines is estimated to drive the cork stopper market sales.
  4. Depending on geography, cork stopper market demand in North America is projected to register significantly over the forecast period due to the increased consumption of premium-aged wines and spirits in this region.

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Environmental Benefits

Apart from their functional properties, cork stoppers are known for their environmental advantages. The cork oak forests act as carbon sinks that help to tackle climate change by absorbing CO2 from environment. Also, the cork industry uses a sustainable harvesting process that protects the durability of cork oak trees, thereby safeguarding the biodiversity of an ecosystem.

Recent Developments in Cork Stopper Industry

In July 2022, to strengthen its presence in the wine and spirits sector, Cork Supply acquired French Bouchons Abel & Portuguese Legnokaps for EUR 8 million. This strategic business decision enables Cork Supply to expand its presence in the French still, as well as improve its foothold in other important European countries.


Cork stoppers continue to be an excellent choice for winemakers and wine lovers. Its unique properties of preserving wine’s quality fuel its demand. The cork stopper market is likely to witness high growth in the coming years, driven by increasing investments by packaging companies in research and development for enhancing cork’s functioning and applications.

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