Rising Clinical Trials and Favorable Government Policies to Boost Diaphragm Pacing Therapy System Ma

Rising Clinical Trials and Favorable Government Policies to Boost Diaphragm Pacing Therapy System Ma

Diaphragm pacing therapy involves the electric stimulation of diaphragm muscles and nerves of patients with the help of a battery-powered system. This diaphragm gets contracted and the air gets pulled into the lungs helping the patient to breathe comfortably. Diaphragm pacing plays a crucial role in reducing or eliminating the time required with the use of a ventilator or other helpful breathing devices to decrease the risk of respiratory infections.


People using mechanical ventilation start to experience functional limitations such as difficulty in speaking, inherent complications, and decreased mobility. The therapy system takes out the dependency on mechanical ventilators and improves speech in patients. Therefore, diaphragm pacing is an extremely useful rehabilitative tool for people suffering from Pompe disease and ventilator dependent. Moreover, the system is quite effective for COVID-19 patients who are not able to breathe without the support of a mechanical ventilator making it demandable during the ongoing pandemic.


Factors Supporting the Adoption for Diaphragm Pacing Therapy System (DPTS)

Growing demand among people regarding the diaphragm pacing therapies, new product developments, and rising healthcare investments are driving the demand for the global diaphragm pacing therapy market. In addition to this, the rising prevalence of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is surging the market growth at domestic and global levels. Moreover, increasing reimbursement by various private institutions coupled with favorable government regulations further supporting the growth of the market. Rising clinical trials and increasing product pipelines are a significant contributor to the wide adoption of the diaphragm pacing therapy market globally.


The continuous rise of COVID-19 cases globally is contributing to the growth of the global diaphragm pacing therapy system market. The market growth is attributed to the increasing requirement for ventilators during COVID-19 treatment and the diaphragm pacing therapy system is an alternative for ventilators. On the other hand, less awareness and a lower adoption rate in some sections of the world regarding DPTS are hampering the market to some extent. Strong government policies and the increasing presence of leading players are fueling the demand for the market.


Significant Developments in the Diaphragm Pacing Therapy System Market

  • North America is the dominating region for the diaphragm pacing therapy system market on the account of increasing disposable income and growing healthcare expenditure. In addition to this, increasing spending on research & development activities and the presence of key market players anticipated adding lucrative growth in the region.
  • The external diaphragm pacemaker segment holds the largest market share due to its increasing use during the treatment of cervical spinal cord injury. The spinal cord injury segment is expected to gain huge popularity owing to increasing vehicular crashes, sports activities, and accidents that upsurge the patient count.
  • Players successfully operating in the market include Atrotech, Avery Biomedical Devices, Inc., Synapse Biomedical, Lungpacer Medical, and are the few to mention. These companies strengthened their position in the market through various activities such as collaboration, partnership, regional expansions, and new product launches.

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