Farm Equipment Rental Market: Long-Term Ownership with Varied Trading Options

Farm Equipment Rental Market: Long-Term Ownership with Varied Trading Options

The term farm equipment indicates machinery utilized in farming or agriculture. Tractors, harvesting instruments, mower conditioners, tillage machinery, and alternate agricultural devices are examples of farm equipment. The escalated price of buying contemporary farm equipment and affiliated maintenance services surges the requirement for farm equipment leasing services. In the farm equipment rental market, farmers are utilizing leasing services to make an advantage by detaching the cost on farm equipment preservation. Renting agricultural equipment permits farmers to harvest crops on a slate while circumventing massive sums of money as a down payment on bulky farm equipment. Additionally, if the agricultural functionality is not successful, buying bulky farm equipment is a fiscal stress for farmers.

Pros of Farm Equipment Rentals

  • Optionality: Welcoming a gamut of options past long-term ownership. There is generally a prerogative to select from options such as buying, trading, renewing, and returning equipment, presuming that there is flexibility and regulation over the assets.
  • Tax benefits: Rejoice in the advantage of withdrawing farm equipment lease payments as overhead expenditures from the corporate remuneration offering probable tax benefits.
  • Depreciation tolerance: By leasing equipment rather than owning it, one is safeguarded from the probability of depriving equity on depreciating assets, guaranteeing financial stability.

Cons of Farm Equipment Rentals

  • Long-term costs: While leasing can be economical in the short term, past a lengthened period, lease payments may surpass the cost of buying the equipment.
  • No ownership: Farmers don't possess the leased equipment, restricting the capacity to structure equity or disburse the equipment for cash.
  • Restrictions and penalties: Leasing agreements may have curtailment on usage, mileage, or tempering. Premature conclusion of the lease may cause penalties and extra fees.

The Market Insight

The global farm equipment rental industry size was valued at USD 51.44 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at USD 85.47 billion with a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period 2032.

Growth Drivers

Growing the acquisition of applications for renting farm equipment is expected to push the market. In the farm equipment rental market, utilizing rental applications has made it simpler for farmers to detect and rent equipment. For instance, in August 2021, Sonalika Group initiated a contemporary “Sonalika Agro Solutions” tractor and a rental app for farmers from land composition to harvesting. A massive aggregate of people are acquiring such apps as they reinforce farmers in competently doing farming, rendering machinery obtainable each hour. Therefore, providers can get through to a bigger customer base and escalate their options for detecting rentals for their equipment.

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Geographical Reach

Asia Pacific: This region is anticipated to lead the global market with a share due to extension in farming, escalating product embarking, and several other growth factors. An upswing in government reinforcement in the nations is one of the noteworthy factors impacting the market growth in this region.

North America: This region accounts for a notable market share due to technological progression and the usage of many recent technologies.

End Note

Big farmers may observe lesser pros to renting, but those lately proliferating in size may contemplate renting supplementary equipment as a profound choice. In the farm equipment rental market, the more the comprehension of the utilization rate with equipment, the more comprehensible the resolution will be on whether to rent or buy.

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