Oyster and Clam Market: Delicious Seafood with Health Benefits

Oyster and Clam Market: Delicious Seafood with Health Benefits

Oysters and clams are both scallop limpets but are entirely different. Clams have squishy bodies encompassed in even-based shells, while oysters have irregular and crooked-shaped shells. In context to taste, clams maintain a sugary and insipid flavor, while oysters are known for their saline and profuse taste. In the oyster and clam market, clams are normally utilized in stews, soups, and pasta dishes, while oysters are frequently peeled and rejoiced raw on the half shell or utilized in seafood trenchers. Both clams and oysters are adaptable constituents that can enhance the variation of flavourful formations.

Types of Clams and Oysters

  • Littleneck clams: These are designated after the beautiful Little Neck Bay on Long Island and are the most compact and most edible types of clams. They are approximately 1 inch in diameter and are frequently rejoiced raw on the half shell. They can also be boiled, baked, and utilized in chowders and pasta dishes. With their intricate flavor and adaptable nature, littleneck clams are the most adored among seafood lovers.
  • Olympia oysters: These belong to the Pacific Northwest and are designated after Olympia, Washington. These compact oysters are excessively appreciated for their sugary and buttery seasoning, rendering them a favored option among seafood admirers. Olympia oysters possess a particular orbited shell and are normally detected in deltas and bays. As they are compact, Olympia oysters are delicate and thus safeguarded and cultured for markets and restaurants.

The Market Insight

The global oyster and clam market size was valued at USD 107.94 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 151.02 billion with a CAGR of 3.4% during the forecast period of 2032. 

Growth Drivers

Firms in the oyster and clam industries are diligently funding in R&D to improve their commodity’s health advantages and viability. In the oyster and clam market, they are pledging enterprises such as advancing inventive farming methodologies to lessen environmental influence. One instance is Taylor Shellfish Farms, a US-founded firm administering a redistributing seawater capital system. This system can harbor roughly 30,000 dozen oysters in the course of condemning temperature periods. Such progressions in farming methodologies cause enhanced environmental acceptability and sanction firms to preserve maximal conditions for their oyster production.

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Geographical Penetration

APAC: This region collected the most extensive revenue share. This is attributed to the growing obtainability of clams and oysters, escalating economic development, escalating cash flow, and cultural noteworthiness of seafood in the region.

North America: The growth in this region is propelled by an aggregate of food service and retail stores providing several oysters and clam commodities indulging in manifold customer inclination.

Recent Development

  • In December 2021, Island Seafood introduced a web service portal. This online platform enables customers to conveniently order packages of 10, 20, or 50 oysters for delivery throughout Canada. In addition, the company has introduced an enticing promotional party package. This package includes complementary items such as a shucking knife, beer, charcuterie, and a curated music playlist. These offerings stimulate demand for the company’s oyster products and services by providing customers with a comprehensive and enjoyable experience.

End Note

Oysters and clams are a genesis of important nutrients that assist in sustaining the blood and immune system in good health. In the oyster and clam market, the increasing approval of seafood and escalating consciousness about the advantages of eating oysters and clams are the foremost drivers behind market growth.

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