Increasing Use of Proteinase K for Early Detection of COVID-19 Patient to Fuel Market Growth

Increasing Use of Proteinase K for Early Detection of COVID-19 Patient to Fuel Market Growth

Proteinase K is a high specific activity wide spectrum subtilisin-related serine protease capable of digesting keratin, hence the name Proteinase K, a hair protein. Proteinase K cleavages the predominant peptide bond site adjacent to the carboxyl group of protein aliphatic and aromatic amino acids. In molecular biology, proteinase K is generally employed to digest protein and eliminate contamination from nucleic acid preparations.


The ability of pretreatment with proteinase K for the efficient detection of COVID-19 is expected to provide the market with growth avenues. The identification of the COVID-19 virus has gained tremendous traction through the use of RT-qPCR to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, for the diagnosis of COVID-19 infected people, PCR is considered to be the gold standard technology.


Key Driving Factors for Proteinase K Market

In the near future, the global proteinase K market is set to experience robust growth. Positive trends such as the rising need for purification increased focus on food contaminants and broad adaptability of products are driven by the industry. Proteinase K is recognized for its enriching activity in the distribution of food. Proteinase K can digest keratin, a hair protein that is not only suitable for use in cosmetics but also to avoid contamination in the food.


Furthermore, growing research in Proteinase K is predicted to create new market opportunities as the substance is increasingly demonstrating its potential to function at a wide range of temperatures. Growth in the use of proteinase K for drug discovery and disease diagnosis may have a positive effect on this market over the forecast period.


The market for Proteinase K is likely to meet growing demand in new sectors such as agriculture, where it is predicted that Proteinase K will help the purification and efficient use of essential mixtures such as urea. Owing to rising R&D activities and increasing investments by research institutes and pharmaceutical companies to bring innovation in the field, the global demand for Proteinase K continues to see positive growth. Increased use in various applications such as nucleic acid and mitochondrial isolation will positively fuel the demand for proteinase K. The participation of different and multinational players with a wide range of product offerings over the forecast period will help to boost the demand for Proteinase K.


Major Trends and Developments in Proteinase K Market

  • An infectious disease segment is expected to dominate the market owing to the growing prevalence of infectious diseases coupled with the rising applicability of proteinase K for the diagnosis of such diseases.
  • The powdered formulation of proteinase K holding the largest share in the market and is anticipated to add more growth to it over the forecast period. The key advantage such as powdered form supports convenient preparation of stock solution as per the protocol requirement contributes to the segmental growth.
  • Based on region, Asia Pacific is projected to witness a significant market growth on account of rising demand for biological products, increasing funding from the government, and the growing presence of leading biopharmaceutical companies.
  • The global market for proteinase K is experiencing significant changes due to the intense competition among multinational players and domestic players. As a result of tight competition, companies are developing a wide variety of products to attract customers.
  • Key players in the global proteinase K are A & A Biotechnology, New England Biolabs, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., bioWORLD, Roche Diagnostic GmBH, BLIRT S.A, QIAGEN, and Promega Corporation.


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