Technological Advancements in Rapid Oral Fluid Screening Devices to Propel Market Growth

Technological Advancements in Rapid Oral Fluid Screening Devices to Propel Market Growth

The increasing cost of laboratory-based tests has led to a major shift towards the preference of on-the-spot testing. With the introduction of various oral fluid screening devices, it is possible to get accurate results in lesser time. These devices are widely adopted by law enforcement agencies for screening people to reduce cases of drug-impaired driving. Oral fluid is one of the most reliable methods to detect the effects of drug abuse that helps to maintain roadside safety.


Prescription drug abuse is becoming one of the major issues, wherein people consume medication without consulting physicians. For avoiding such cases, rapid oral fluid screening devices are highly recommended by medical experts, owing to their ability to do screening for cocaine, marijuana, opioids, and methamphetamine. In terms of collection, oral samples are convenient without a particular requirement and have a minimal risk of adulteration, thus fueling investment in the market for rapid oral fluid screening devices.


Factors Influencing Growth of the Rapid Oral Fluid Screening Devices Market

The need for drug and alcohol monitoring is growing with the increasing number of people addicted to alcohol and narcotics, creating sustainable opportunities for manufacturers. In addition to this, strict regulations for compulsory drug & alcohol testing, recommendations by physicians to use rapid oral fluid screening devices and increasing hospital-based laboratories to conduct diagnostic procedures are also working in favor of the growth of the industry.


In line with the changing business models of the healthcare landscape, there is a substantial increase in the production of successful and scalable products, accompanied by favorable reimbursements. This, in turn, is expected to create lucrative opportunities for key stakeholders in the market for rapid oral fluid screening products. Alcoholism and drug abuse are at an unprecedented rate in many countries around the world. In turn, this has led to a high priority for the monitoring of drugs and alcohol, creating prospects for market players.


Rapid oral fluid screening device is increasingly used by health laboratories, independent laboratories, and hospital-based laboratories to conduct diagnostic procedures. Cases of prescription drug abuse are expected to provide impetus to the growth of the rapid oral fluid screening system industry. COVID-19 has caused major disruptions to industries and economic activities worldwide.


The pandemic is projected to have a short-term negative effect on the demand for drug screening due to the limited or inaccessibility of medical facilities/treatment centers and fear of infection transmission. Different governments around the world have issued recommendations to postpone or defer non-essential medical and surgical procedures to reduce the burden on the healthcare system and contain the spread of diseases. Flight, corporate practices, public hearings, and shelter-in-place orders have also been limited, all of which have further influenced market growth.


Major Players Dominating the Global Rapid Oral Fluid Screening Devices Market

The rapid demand for oral fluid screening devices is creating growth avenues for new entrants, as the technology is simple to develop and subject to a small number of regulations. In turn, this is expected to create healthy competition in the global market. Companies profiled in the global rapid oral fluid screening devices market include MEDACX Limited, OraSure Technologies, Inc, UCP Biosciences, Inc., Screen Italia Srl, Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co., Ltd, AccuBioTech Co. Ltd., and Oranoxis Inc. Companies are investing more in research and development activities to come up with innovative devices.


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