How Search and Rescue Helicopter Market Help Relief Mission?

How Search and Rescue Helicopter Market Help Relief Mission?

Helicopters are incredibly adaptable aircraft that daily carry out exceptional tasks. It enables experiences that no other mode of transportation offers, from upgrading executive trips to assisting in search and rescue missions.

The primary factors influencing the search and rescue helicopter market growth are the rising demand for highly developed and improved rescue helicopters among many nations for a variety of uses, including law enforcement, public safety, performing critical missions, and others, as well as the expanding deployment of these helicopters to aid in mass evacuations during natural disasters.

The Market Insights

The global search and rescue helicopter market was valued at USD 2,044.66 million in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 2,905.13 million at a CAGR of 3.6% during the forecast period of 2032.

Which Factors are Increasing the Market Demand?

One of the main factors anticipated to propel the search and rescue helicopter market demand is the rising number of different types of mountain accidents, natural disasters, and maritime incidents around the world. These incidents, along with the high advancements in helicopter technology, such as communication systems, improved avionics, and advanced sensors, have made search and rescue helicopters more capable and efficient, and they now enable them to operate in difficult conditions and easily reach remote areas.

Furthermore, the demand for these helicopters to ensure the safety of workers on these rigs in case of an emergency has increased due to many governments increasing their spending on search and rescue operations to improve the safety and security of their citizens. Additionally, there has been a significant increase in offshore oil and gas exploration activities, which is also fueling the global market and growth.

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Which Region is Dominating the Market?

In 2022, the North American region held the most search and rescue helicopter market share, which is anticipated to dominate during the study period. Large search and rescue organizations specializing in various SAR missions, such as urban research, mountain rescue, cave rescue, and combat search and rescue, are prevalent in the area, and their roles are evenly spread.

Additionally, with a strong CAGR during the predicted period, the Asia Pacific area is forecasted to expand the fastest. Due to favorable policies for foreign businesses, particularly in nations like China, India, and Indonesia, major global helicopter manufacturers are increasingly focusing on setting up manufacturing facilities in the Asia Pacific region. This growth can be attributed to the increasing use of helicopters to provide various essential services & products during natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.

The Recent Developments

  • Bristow announced the beginning of its SAR Helicopter Services for the Netherlands Coastguard in November 2022. The corporation will provide rescue services under a 10-year contract using specialized AW189 helicopters. The nation's Coast Guard will receive the most effective and efficient service possible thanks to Bristow's global SAR experience.
  • The Georgian Interior Ministry stated in December 2022 that they had reached a strategic agreement with Airbus Helicopters to buy 30 fire engines and three helicopters for various search and rescue tasks. The French business and the Georgian government have a new arrangement that involves a helicopter aircraft trade-in.

In Conclusion

The search and rescue helicopter market is anticipated to increase due to the rising demand from different countries for sophisticated search and rescue helicopters for use in the military, law enforcement, public safety, and other search and rescue applications.

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