Top Spinal Cord Stimulation Companies: Ushering the Chronic Pain Management Revolution

Top Spinal Cord Stimulation Companies: Ushering the Chronic Pain Management Revolution

The human body constantly transmits nerve signals from organs to the brain. The constant transmission of signals helps prevent injury by making an individual aware when something isn’t right. Unfortunately, upon experiencing damage, the nerves can continue sending signals to the brain even if an injury isn’t occurring. This results in the development of chronic pain, which causes problems with life’s daily activities and leads to several chronic health conditions. Spinal cord stimulation can be used to disrupt the pain signals so the brain doesn’t receive them.

With the rising prevalence of chronic conditions and the growing geriatric population worldwide, there is an increased demand for chronic pain management equipment, including neuromodulation devices. The size of the worldwide neurostimulation devices market was valued at 5.22 billion dollars in 2023 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 12.22%, generating an estimated revenue of USD 16.31 billion by 2032.

In this blog post, we offer an overview of spinal cord stimulation and list the top companies offering spinal cord stimulators. Continue reading!

Spinal Cord Stimulation: A Quick Overview

Spinal cord stimulation, commonly abbreviated as SCS, is a pain treatment method that employs mild electric currents to block nerve impulses. The technique makes use of spinal cord stimulators, which are medical devices healthcare professionals implant in the body to treat severe pain. Spinal cord stimulators come in several types and can be an alternative to other treatment forms.

Spinal cord stimulation can be used to treat and manage various conditions, including back pain, complex regional pain syndrome, diabetes-related neuropathy, and neuropathic. Also, ongoing research suggests that the condition can help people with central pain syndrome, chest pain, ischemic pain, and spinal cord injuries.

Top Spinal Cord Stimulation Companies

The key spinal cord stimulation companies are adopting mergers and acquisition strategies to assert their dominance in the market. Here are some of the major spinal cord stimulation firms:

Medtronic Public Limited Company

Established in 1949, Medtronic is an Irish medical technology, services, and solutions company. It is renowned for reimaging the treatment of several complex and challenging conditions, including chronic diseases. The company leverages data, artificial intelligence, and deep knowledge of the human body to provide novel therapeutic solutions.

Boston Scientific Corp

Boston Scientific Corp is a US-based biomedical/biotechnology engineering firm. It specializes in the manufacturing of medical equipment used in interventional medical specialties, including interventional cardiology, neuromodulation, cardiac surgery, oncology, urology, and gynecology. Also, it provides spinal cord stimulator systems designed for more flexibility and advanced control.

Synapse Biomedical

Founded in 2002, Synapse Biomedical is a medical equipment manufacturer based out of Oberlin, Ohio. The firm is dedicated to the research and development of life-altering neurostimulation products. The innovative products by Synapse Biomedical allow healthcare practitioners to meet their clinical needs beyond the ability of currently available systems.

Cirtec Medical Corporation

Cirtec Medical is a leading medical equipment manufacturing company based in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Founded in 1987, it brings three decades of experience in developing novel medical devices. Cirtec Medical boasts a strong portfolio of products, which include interventional devices, neuromodulation, implantable drug delivery, cardiac rhythm management, and ventricular-assisted devices.

Abbott Laboratories

Headquartered in Green Oak, US, Abbott Laboratories is an American multinational medical devices and healthcare company. It offers innovative medical equipment and healthcare solutions for diagnostic testing, diabetes management, nutrition, chronic pain, and more. The firm’s 114,000+ colleagues serve people in more than 160 countries across the globe.

End Note and Conclusion

With the rising prevalence of lifestyle related disorders and increased external funding for research and development initiatives, spinal cord stimulation companies continue to develop innovative solutions that assist people with the effective management of chronic pain.

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