Growing Prevalence of Sleep-Disorder Worldwide to Increase the Adoption of Actigraphy Sensors and PSG Devices Market

Growing Prevalence of Sleep-Disorder Worldwide to Increase the Adoption of Actigraphy Sensors and PSG Devices Market

Actigraphy sensors are advanced medical devices used to monitor activity cycles in the human body through non-invasive medical treatments. A small actigraph unit referred to as an actimetry sensor performs the monitoring for gross motor activities of people wearing it. This device helps to understand the sleep pattern and determines whether sleep is sufficient or insufficient. On the other hand, Polysomnography (PSG) is a primary standard used for evaluating sleep patterns as it determines sleep-time, wakeup-time, and sleep architecture.

The busy lifestyle has made an impact on the sleeping pattern, resulting in an increased prevalence of sleeping disorders, fueling demand for actigraphy sensors and PSG devices. The change in sleeping patterns causes minor disturbances to severe major issues making an adverse effect on the quality of life.  Actigraphy sensors and PSG devices play a vital role in monitoring the health of users with ease and accuracy. In addition to this, it also helps to diagnose sleep-related diseases and makes it easy to treat the disease.

Furthermore, growing awareness among users around the globe about the use of such medical devices is boosting the market. Moreover, increasing research in the field of healthcare to introduce more efficient and reliable devices is driving growth for the global market. In order to ensure people's proper health, different regulatory bodies are providing approval for the use of such devices to track consumer health.

Segmentation for Actigraphy Sensors and PSG Devices Market

  • Based on product types, the market is characterized by polysomnography and actigraphy devices. Polysomnography devices are further divided into portable polysomnography devices and fixed polysomnography devices. Actigraphy devices are classified into wearable actigraphy devices and wrist actigraphy devices.
  • Based on the technology, the global actigraphy sensor, and PSG devices market is divided into GPS devices, wireless technology devices, and USB devices. On the basis of distribution channels, the market is segmented into pharmacies, retail stores, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and home care settings.
  • In terms of geographical regions, North America dominated the global market for actigraphy sensors and PSG devices market and is expected to continue its dominance in the coming years. The substantial growth is a result of the increasing burden of sleep disorders further causing chronic sleep disorders.
  • The Asia Pacific region is anticipated to grow with an impressive CAGR on account of increasing cases of depression, snoring, and sleepwalking coupled with technological advancements in the devices. In addition to this, rising investments for the development of new and effective products further propelling the market growth in the region.


Competitive Landscape of Actigraphy Sensors and PSG Devices Market

Major market participants are taking key strategic steps in the form of acquisitions, collaborations, service launches, mergers, product agreements, regional expansions, and regulatory approvals. These moves help players increase their product portfolio, improve customer reach, and reach healthy revenue targets. Phillips, Aetna Inc, BMC medicals, Cleveland, Matrix care, Fitbit Inc, Nox medicals, Somno medics, Garmin, Actigraph, Compumedics, Recorders & Medicare Systems Pvt Ltd, and Resmed are some of the prominent players dominating the global market for actigraphy sensors and PSG devices market.

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