Growing need for integrated healthcare system to boost adoption of electronic health records solutio

An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital record of a patient stored in a computer. It contains all the necessary details regarding the patient's medical history includes diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, allergies, immunization dates, and test results from laboratories. In addition to t

Government initiatives aimed at spreading awareness about lewy body dementia treatment uphold market

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) is a common type of progressive dementia in which abnormal protein deposits develop in the brain. These deposits gradually affect the brain whose changes later on lead to major problems impacting a person’s movement, behavior, and thinking abilities. This disease is typica

Growing fertility tourism coupled with advancements in cryopreservation to boost sperm bank market g

Sperm donors can be of different types such as known donors, anonymous donors, client donors, and directed donors. A donor produces sperms at a separately allocated place called the men’s production room. Once semen is collected it is then washed for eliminating other unnecessary materials present

Surging demand for improving resilience of enterprises to foster disaster recovery as a service mark

As digital technology is rapidly evolving, organizations from different industry verticals started adopting digitalization. Major advancements in data storage technologies are enabling organizations to access resilience solutions for managing critical business solutions. With the implementation of d

Rising awareness regarding adoption of Point of Care (PoC) diagnostics to fuel market growth

A longer hospital stays usually results in higher cost and sometimes it may be detrimental for the mental health of patients. The introduction of a near-patient, extra laboratory testing, also known as Point of Care (PoC) Diagnostics made a huge impact on modern healthcare. Tangible benefits such as

Increasing death rates amid COVID-19 pandemic to fuel demand for mortuary bags

Mortuary bags also referred to as body bags are primarily used in mortuary and hospitals as they conveniently contain a body. These bags are helpful for proper storage of the body as well as transportation of shrouded corpses. In addition to this, mortuary bags also avoids leakage of body fluids tha

Higher Prevalence of Rare Disorders in Children to Impel Rare Disease Genetic Testing Market Growth

Rare diseases are genetically inherited and difficult to diagnose due to the availability of fewer treatment options. These diseases come under a heterogeneous group of diseases that can be characterized by a wide diversity of symptoms and affects a small percentage of the population. In addition to

Increasing Use of Proteinase K for Early Detection of COVID-19 Patient to Fuel Market Growth

Proteinase K is a high specific activity wide spectrum subtilisin-related serine protease capable of digesting keratin, hence the name Proteinase K, a hair protein. Proteinase K cleavages the predominant peptide bond site adjacent to the carboxyl group of protein aliphatic and aromatic amino acids.

Growing Prevalence of Eye Defects in Pediatric Population to Fuel Growth of the Synoptophore Market

Synoptophore is a technologically advanced diagnosis and correction device that play a key role in the treatment of squint and strabismus in the eyes. This device made up of two cylindrical shaped tubes with mirrored angle bends. Lenses of optimum magnification are preferably used in an eyepiece of

Increasing Demand for Early Diagnosis of Sepsis to Boost Growth of Sepsis Diagnostics Market

Sepsis is a critical complication caused due to issues in the functioning of a human system that results in people becoming susceptible to viral, parasitic, bacterial, fungal, and other types of infections. These complications can also arise due to chronic disease, liver, kidney, or cancer diseases

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