Analyzing Satellite Launch Vehicle Market Growth

Analyzing Satellite Launch Vehicle Market Growth

Analyzing Satellite Launch Vehicle Market Growth

Are you familiar with satellite launch vehicles? Whether yes or no, this blog will provide you with valuable and informative insights that might expand your knowledge on these vehicles developed by ISRO and satellite launch vehicle market growth.

The Purpose and Significance of Satellite Launch Vehicles

Satellite launch vehicles, also known as rockets or launchers, are used to place the satellites in their specific orbits.  The aim is to deliver the satellite into its intended orbit, where it can perform its assigned tasks, such as weather monitoring, Earth observation, communication, scientific research, and more. There are different types of satellite launch vehicles available, ranging from small to heavy-lift rockets.

Launch Vehicle Classification

The payload capacity and intended use of various satellite launch vehicles determine their classification. Small launch vehicles are specifically designed to accommodate payloads weighing in the range of a few hundred kilograms. On the other hand, medium and heavy-lift vehicles possess the capability to transport payloads weighing several tons into orbit. Here are some examples of satellite launch vehicles:

  1. Falcon 9 (SpaceX)
  2. Atlas V (United Launch Alliance)
  3. Delta IV (United Launch Alliance)
  4. Soyuz (Russian Space Agency)
  5. Ariane 5 (Arianespace)
  6. Long March 3B (China National Space Administration)
  7. Electron (Rocket Lab)
  8. Space Launch System (SLS)

Market statistics

The satellite launch vehicle market is anticipated to hit USD 14.74 billion by 2032 at a CAGR of 12.22% from USD 4.80 billion in 2022. The launch vehicle sector has experienced a surge in the trend towards outsourcing manufacturing in recent years due to factors including decreased manufacturing costs, improved efficiency, and accessibility to specialized knowledge.

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The Satellite Launch Vehicle Market Is Primarily Segmented Based On Vehicle, Type, And Region

By Vehicle: Medium to heavy segment witnessed the largest market share in 2022 because this vehicle type can carry

By Type: Reusable category is expected to hold the highest revenue share during the forecast period. Reusable launch vehicles (RLVs) are satellite launch vehicles that can be recovered and repurposed once a payload has been placed into orbit. Unlike single-use launch vehicles, which must be discarded after just one flight, reusable launch vehicles can be used repeatedly, reducing the cost of space travel.

Small Satellite Launches Have Gained Popularity in The Past Decade

Prior to the market expansion for satellite launch vehicles, only larger satellite payloads were delivered to space, but a number of players, such as governmental organizations, companies, laboratories, and colleges, started launching satellites that were smaller in size. Over the past ten years, the popularity of small satellite launches has increased because of the rise in demand for space-based services, including data transfer, communication, monitoring, and commerce.

Recent Developments

  • In January 2023, the ION SCV009 Eclectic Elena from D-Orbit and the 49 Starlink satellites were launched into Low Earth Orbit by SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket.
  • In January 2023, SpaceX's Falcon 9 launched 56 Starlink spacecraft to Low-Earth Orbit from the Floridan Space Force Station Cape Canaveral. Nine previous launches and landings of this Falcon 9 first-stage rocket were successful.


Overall, the satellite launch vehicle market is expected to witness sustained growth in the coming years, driven by increased demand, technological advancements, and a more diverse and competitive landscape. The market is expected to create opportunities for both established players and new entrants.

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