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Industrial Microwave Heating Equipment Market Share, Size, Trends, Industry Analysis Report By Equipment (RF Solid State Amplifiers, Magnetron); By Application (Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Chemical, Paper, Food and Beverages, Other Application); By Region, Segment Forecast, 2020 - 2027

  • Published Date: Aug 2020
  • Pages: 81
  • Format: PDF
  • Report ID: PM1402
  • Base Year: 2019
  • Historical Data: 2015-2018

Report Summary

The global Industrial Microwave Heating Equipment Market size was valued at USD 1.06 Billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period. One of the major advantages of Industrial microwave heating equipment is that they allow better process control as compared to other counterparts. They have the ability to send back information regarding the process parameters such as temperature, which then in turn can be modified to achieve process optimization. It also enables to eliminate ineffective frequencies thus resulting in increased efficiency. All such advantages have resulted in the market witnessing rapid growth in the past.

Industrial microwave heating has become mainstream in almost all of its application areas. The process has garnered significant attention due to the volumetric heating effect it provides and the ability to achieve considerable process times as compared to other conventional processes. They are therefore being effectively deployed as a means to achieve high productivity and to decrease production costs and are being used on a large scale in various applications such as metallurgy, polymers, textiles, rubber, food, pharmaceuticals among others.

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Industrial microwave heating equipment are more environmentally friendly as compared to its other counterparts as they heat only the objects that is in process and do not heat the atmosphere or furnace walls. Due to their high-power density, they have the ability to heat the object faster. Thus, this results in the equipment having much less carbon footprint, and considerable decrease in the overall production of pollutants. These aspects considerably help companies to achieve their sustainability goals. Such trends are favoring the growth of industrial microwave heating equipment market across the globe.

The overall application aspects of Industrial microwave heating have witnessed rapid growth in the past. This scenario has been prompted by some of the inherent advantages of the product including efficiency in overall energy conversion thus leading to cost savings, ability to achieve complete automation, better quality control, process control, and ability to serve customized needs among others. Development of second and third generation industrial microwave heating equipment products have been successfully implemented in the market thus leading to further broadening of the overall application portfolio.

Industrial microwave heating systems consume large quantity of electricity in order to generate heat in the process. The amount of electricity required is directly proportional to the heat required. Since it requires huge amount of electricity, the availability and the prices can be the most crucial factor for the demand. Nowadays, the prices of electricity are rising steadily in most of the developed as well as countries. However, market participants are engaged in developing novel products to overcome this market restraint.

Industrial Microwave Heating Equipment Market Report Scope

The market is primarily segmented on the basis of Equipment, Application and geographic region.

By Equipment

By Application

By Region

  • RF Solid State Amplifiers
  • Magnetron
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastic
  • Chemical
  • Paper
  • Food and Beverages
  • Other Application
  • North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico)
  • Europe (France, Germany, UK, Italy)
  • Asia Pacific (Japan, China, India)
  • Latin America (Brazil)
  • MEA

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Equipment Type Outlook

On the basis of Equipment type, the Industrial Microwave Heating Equipment Market has been segmented into RF Solid State Amplifiers, and Magnetron. Magnetron equipment segment is expected to be valued at USD 1,010.9 million by 2027, growing at an anticipated CAGR of 3.2% over the forecast period. In the equipment type market segment, however, RF solid state amplifiers segment is expected to witness the highest growth rate over the forecast period.

RF solid state amplifiers are being used in manufacturing of paper sheets in a repeatable way to glue drying in wood laminates. They are being used in complex food processing applications such as drying baked goods to timber production. The major reason for this wide applicability is the ability of RF solid state amplifiers to provide real time data pertaining to the overall heating process.

The equipment is finding widespread usage, especially in industrial cooking due to its high life as compared to other counterparts such as magnetrons. It has been observed that in applications such as food processing, magnetrons wore out in less time and every time they need to be replaced, it requires system shut down thus resulting in production losses. RF Solid State Amplifiers have a lifespan of ten years and more and hence do not require frequent replacement therefore guaranteeing no frequent shutdowns.

Application Outlook

By application, the industry has been segmented into Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Chemical, Paper, Food and Beverages and Other Applications. The food & beverage industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years. One of the major factors driving the market growth is the rising preference for processed foods over unprocessed foods. The same is prompted by changing lifestyles that demand convenience, rising disposable income and easy availability of products. Moreover, such processed food purchase now forms a top priority in the overall consumer spending.

Industrial Microwave Heating laminates find applications and are used for various building materials like MDF as well as plywood. Industrial Microwave Heating when combined with formaldehyde results in the formation of thermosetting plastic that is then added to a paper base for the formation of a laminate. This laminate is then used to cover a wide range of household objects as well as materials.

Laminates are used in a wide variety of applications including household & office furniture, dinnerware, cabinets, flooring and dry ease boards. When used in these products, they offer superior benefits such as durability, low cost and a wide array of choice. The global rise in demand for laminates is due to all these factors which is in turn benefitting the Industrial Microwave Heating demand for laminates applications.

Regional Outlook

Europe emerged as the region having highest market share in 2019 and is expected to dominate till the end of the forecast period. The primary reason for the same is the high adoption rates pertaining to the industrial microwave heating equipment in the region. Initiatives taken by regulatory agencies in the region regarding standardization of parameters of industrial microwave heating are also major contributors to the segment growth.

Initial development of sterilization and pasteurization lines using industrial microwave heating equipment and their generalization across Europe, initiatives to develop pilot plants using this equipment for various applications and later their rapid adoption are some of the factors that have greatly benefitted the market penetration in the country. Strong presence of industry participants is also benefitting the regional market growth.

Strong demand from countries such as India and China are favoring the Asia Pacific market growth. These two countries have undergone rapid industrialization in the past few years and almost all major application industries have established their presence in these two countries. Such trends have benefitted the regional market growth.

In addition, strong presence of industries in Japan has also favored market growth. Companies are paying special attention and are consciously increasing their regional footprint in order to gain market share.

Competitive Landscape

Companies provide one-stop solution to their clients and help at each and every step, in order to serve with a customized solution that suits their process needs. Assistance is provided at each and every step right from consultancy to manufacturing to maintenance of the product to solid after sales support. Increasing awareness pertaining to the product usage is also a key task that companies have to undertake particularly in developing regional markets such as Asia Pacific.

Some of the key participants that operate in the market include Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd., Muegge GmbH, Teledyne e2v Limited, Industrial Microwave Systems Ltd., CoberMuegge LLC, Communications & Power Industries LLC (CPI), L3 Technologies, Inc., Richardson Electronics, Ltd., MDP Components, STT International Limited, Panasonic Corporation, and Toshiba International Corporation among others. The leading players in the industry are introducing new innovative products to cater to the growing consumer demands. Global players are entering new markets in developing regions to expand their customer base and strengthen market presence.

Key Take-Away
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