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Vascular Grafts Market Share, Size, Trends Industry Analysis Report By Product (Hemodialysis Access, Peripheral, Endovascular Stent), By Application (Vascular Occlusion, Cardiac Aneurysms, Kidney Failure), By Raw Material (PTFE, Polyester, Polyurethane, Biological Materials), By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2014 - 2025

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Report Summary

Vascular graft is a conduit that is used to replenish blocked or diseased blood vessels. Alternatively, vascular graft is a medical treatment performed to redirect blood flow from a normal area to another natural area by reconnecting blood vessels. The purposeful design of this surgical feat is to circumvent a diseased artery. Vascular Graft surgery is deemed necessary in event of a low blood supply, also known as ischemia caused by Atherosclerosis— a mandatory procedure of organ transplantation.

Potential Market Drivers

Drivers to the market include an aging population, rising occurrence of heart attacks, diabetes, End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and vascular occlusions. The vascular grafts market is preceded by a sedentary lifestyle coupled with erratic eating disorders boosting the market unequivocally over the forecast period. Copious Government investments in healthcare infrastructures and timely mergers of key players aligning with developing markets have leveraged the markets to infinite growth. Diabetes, confronted with exponential growth, is taking a toll on human population and is expected to propel the vascular grafts market. The figures of 629 million in 2045, up by 200 million in 2016 will add to the industry growth immeasurably. Vascular Grafts gifts onus of chronic kidney disease a reprieve. Kidney disease gives rise to higher number of hemodialysis procedure. Hemodialysis engages vascular access for end to end completion of dialysis process, immediately increasing demand for vascular grafts.

Cardiac Attacks stem from cardio vascular diseases with myocardial infection reminiscent of increasingly high fatalities and equivalent number of heart attacks, thereby paving the way for market. Polyester Grafts Market was the graft to watch out for in 2017. Drivers to Polyester vascular grafts market in 2017 was high demand for polyester material grafts embracing features comprising enduring lifespan, high patency and porosity. Driver to the vascular grafts market also includes the large size of vascular grafts that makes it convenient to treat vascular diseases; especially larger than 6 Inches variety ones with flexibility as an endearing factor. The restraints to the vascular grafts market include the soaring cost of surgery and stark low reimbursement policies in developing economies.

Market Segmentation

Segmentation of market by product includes hemodialysis access, peripheral vascular and endovascular stent grafts.

Segmentation of market by raw material includes ePTFE grafts, polyester grafts, polyurethane grafts and biosynthetic grafts.

By end-user, market includes hospital and ambulatory surgical center.

By application, vascular graft market comprises kidney failure, aneurysm and vascular occlusion.

Based on regions, the vascular grafts market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World    .

Endovascular stent grafts headed the market in 2018. Abdominal aortic aneurysms procedures that yielded fewer complications at outset attributed unsurpassed market growth to endovascular stents. Among segments, hospital is the largest segment observed over the forecast period.  Awareness among individuals regarding advanced medical facilities, availability of countless surgical treatments and presence of trained staff stimulates vascular grafts market growth. Product and technological improvements such as Nellix and Fortevo are anticipated to lead market share, translating into high growth for product segment. Peripheral vascular graft is marked for high growth in forthcoming forecast period with high CAGR. The product segment is destined to grow admittedly by a large number of medical applications and improved designs that point to sophisticated intra operative methods.  Signs of renal failure and hardening of arteries has attributed product segment with enlarged growth.

Peripheral arterial diseases are responsible for driving growth in peripheral vascular devices market. The reason being, a spiral flow peripheral graft is more adaptable in comparison to PTFE grafts, with latter employed for construction of damaged blood vessels. Based on applications, market encompasses kidney failure, aneurysm and vascular occlusion. Cardiac aneurysm led growth for vascular grafts market in increasing numbers owing to prevailing conditions of high blood pressure. Pediatric congenital heart surgeries also contributed to high growth in cardiac aneurysm market segment in the wake of advancements in tissue engineered grafts. Furthermore, engineering failures in mechanical devices used in treating cardio vascular diseases (CVD) and organ transplantation perils, will alternatively seek minimally invasive vascular implants. This will thrust market growth for vascular grafts in cardiac aneurysms over the forecast period.

North America held largest market share in 2017 due to high expenditure of technically improved grafts and increasing number of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and rising chronic kidney disease.  A spurt in R&D activities in designing smaller grafts to treat small vascular diseases proved to be favorable for the vascular grafts market. North America is witness to plenty of reimbursement coverage and presence of superior healthcare facilities that serve as drivers to unlimited growth for vascular graft market. 

Driving Technological Trends

Major advancements in PTFE with modifications in argon plasma PTFE encourage growth in PTFE market over forthcoming years. Biological materials will also observe satisfactory growth levels in keeping with increasing CVD numbers and falling demand for polymer grafts. Biological materials are right on track with constant research in biopolymers and recombinant biopolymers such as elastin-mimetic protein biopolymers. This has set the stage for growth in biological materials for the forthcoming period.

Promising Outlook for Vascular Grafts Market

Market players hone into their existing product portfolio by enhancing the product mix through acquisitions and joint agreements. Highlighting an instance, Vascular Graft Solution received unconditional help in the form of an IDE approval from U.S to bolster the coronary bypass vein grafts with external supports. Product Demand is witnessing high market growth with entry of novel prosthetic grafts that feature high porosity and efficiency coupled with a growing admittance for these grafts. Indiscriminate smoking and alcohol abuse together with a rising geriatric population also will augment demand for minimally invasive grafting procedures. Minimally invasive implants are also anticipated to drive vascular graft market for cardiac aneurysms over the forecast period. An estimated 962 million people across the globe having a convincingly long life expectancy of age 60 years and above,  have given impetus to vascular grafts in healthcare facilities around the world thereby propelling vascular grafts market.

Raw materials including Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) will foresee utmost market growth in forecast period. PTFE products are best fit, to be used in ischemic heart conditions for patients who look to be operated upon for aorta coronary bypass graft operations. Treatment for cerebrovascular anomalies has positively impacted vascular grafts market citing Endurant II Stent Graft System that treats abdominal aortic aneurisms. PTFE is highly regarded for its technically competent architecture that results in minimal blood loss and guarantees protection against delamination. PTFE also is very adroit in fringe bypasses and auxiliary anatomical procedures.

Key Market Players

Key players operating in the vascular grafts market include:

  • B.Braun
  • C.R Bard
  • Cardinal Health
  • Cook Medical
  • Endologix
  • LeMaitre Vascular
  • Medtronic
  • Maquet
  • Teromo
  • Gore Medical
Key Take-Away
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